Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, we had a Civic holiday in Canada so I took the day “off” to relax, spend time with family and most importantly, celebrate my nephew’s birthday!  I’ve got a ton of photos to share with you, so without further adieu, onto the snaps…

On Friday I took my car in for an oil change an stopped and picked up a little treat for breakfast while I waited (Tim Hortons bagel belt, on a 12 grain, with bacon, hold the cheese & a steeped tea).

Outfit deets:  Mondetta tank & Harbinger gloves.

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On Friday evening I hit the gym and did arms, which kind of makes me want to get my flex on, but at the same time feels silly if anyone catches you taking these photos in the mirror (haha).

A note on the workout gloves: for a long time I never wore gloves but since kicking up my workouts over the past three months, I was starting to get calluses on my hands from upping my weight.  I mentioned it to Marco and he surprised me with these ones a few months back–I like that they are low profile around the wrists and have kept my hands callus-free.

And one last note: my arm doesn’t really look like that in real life, but flexing and filters work wonders!

After my workout I splurged and got a pedicure–it was a day of small splurges!–and I tried to take a picture but my feet just looked weird and yeah, no one wants to see that.  

I love to get a French pedicure when I go, since it’s kind of a harder one to do on your own, but since I’ve been rocking a neutral pedi for about two months, I went with OPI’s Sorry I’m Fizzy Today, which is a perfect, bright, watermelon pink.

Afterwards, I poked around Ardene, Winners & Target before meeting Marco for…

…Vietnamese food, of course (I’m addicted).

Outfit deets:  F21 tank, MPG shorts & Nike Free 3.0 v5.

Saturday morning we worked out before rushing around buying food and cleaning the condo to prep for dinner with my family that evening.

Outfit deets:  H&M top & Wet Seal shorts.

I kept it simple with a black oversized tee and crochet shorts.

We hosted 13 adults and 3 kids and used the party room in our building, which worked out swimmingly.  Marco BBQ’ed steaks and we had caesar, quinoa & kale salads, along with roasted potatoes (confession: we totally cheated and bought the salads to cut down on prep time–and let’s be honest, my stress levels–but they were awesome).

The calm after the storm:  Marco plays guitar, I eat & listen.

Outfit deets:  Sirens maxi skirt & Dynamite tube top (weird, a tube top).

On Sunday morning I slept in, lazily got up and had planned to workout but just couldn’t get my butt in gear.  I did a bit of laundry and before I knew it, Marco was on his way home from golfing very early so we decided to…

…grab breakfast at Baker Street, which never disappoints (except the coffee, I’m not a huge fan of it–but, that might be because it’s a darker roast).

L to R:  Under Armour ($40), Crooks & Castles ($35) & CORE by Jack & Jones.

Later in the afternoon I headed out in search of a birthday gift for my nephew and just some good ol’ retail therapy.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything for myself but scored three awesome sweatshirts for Marco at Winners.

We had left overs that evening and watched the movie Noah, with Russell Crowe & Jennifer Connolly, which was… interesting.

Sunday morning–chest day–then it was off to my parent’s place to celebrate my nephew’s birthday!  My sister doesn’t want me sharing photos but it was a great day, with about 30 people and they did a BBQ.

Outfit deets:  my own maxi dress (here) & Material Girl cuff.

We spent the evening at the condo and decided to go out for Ramen–a first for me–around 7pm and I’ll be sharing a full recap of that this week.

Hope you had a great week!  Helloooooo August!


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