Brunch at The Grey Dog in NYC

Our first breakfast in New York City was at The Grey Dog in Chelsea.  I had read about it through a link from a blog but I can’t remember where.  It sounded exactly like something we were looking for:  off the beaten path, hipster-esque, home-cooking with breakfast classics.

We walked almost three kilometres–from Times Square; but next time we’ll know to take the subway–to finally arrive at a rustic, coffeehouse on a quieter street lined with town homes and apartments.

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When you go inside, there is a counter where the friendly staff greet you.  You choose your order from the chalkboards behind that have their menu displayed colourfully.

The dining areas boast regular tables, hi-tops, semi booth and even a back nook corner if you’re looking for some peace and quiet.  The doors are open, the breeze flows through and the hardwood floors creak as you pick out your favourite spot.

Grab your cutlery and condiments from this cute hutch as you make your way to your table.

We ‘splurged’ and got lattes which was a nice change from our regular coffee and Marco brought them over while we waited for our food.

We both ordered The Grey Dog breakfast which came with your choice of a classic bacon & eggs meal plus French toast or pancakes.  We added fruit to Marco’s and it accidentally came on mine, which was a bonus, and they quickly re-fixed up Marco’s meal.

The food was amazing, the portions were quite large and for $13 each, we ate really well.  Marco even commented, ‘There is like, five eggs in here!’  It couldn’t have been a much better experience (even the bathrooms were nice; see below) and I would highly recommend this spot to anyone visiting the Big Apple or locals who want something authentic (but then again, if you’re local, you probably know about this awesome gem).


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