How many times do you give someone a second chance?

It’s not (Let’s Chat) Wednesday but this is something that’s been on my mind for a while and wanted to get your guys input / thoughts on.

Making new friends is not easy, as we get older, it’s harder to meet and connect with someone to truly call them a friend.  Most people’s circles are established, but, I am definitely a believer in never having too many friends.  That said, people can be flaky and after watching this short, funny video on how cell phones have made people flakier, I started to wonder: can you ever rely on anyone?

Now, I know there are people in your life (and mine) that can be relied on, but when making new friends, how many chances do you give them before writing them off?  My biggest complaint is when you make plans with a new friend and they cancel…  and cancel again.  How many chances do you give someone to become a friend?

As far as current friends, I think it’s fair to be a bit more flexible, if you can; things come up, plans can change and if you really know someone, they likely aren’t doing it on purpose to because they don’t care.

I think two chances is fair game when it comes to a new friend.  If we make plans twice, and both times you cancel on me, I’m not going out of my way to set aside time when there is plenty I could be doing with my time instead.  Your thoughts?  How many times do you give someone a second chance?

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