Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

 The weekend was pre-kicked off to a great start by meeting Sarah for lunch on Friday.  We met at Montana’s and got the usual: Lunch trio (soup, half sandwich and salad).



I stayed at my parent’s place on Friday night while they were out of town to look after Peanut.


I took advantage of being at their place to detail my car (sorry no video on this, someone requested it, but it was getting dark real quick and I didn’t bring my camera since it was so impromptu).

More photos after the jump… 

Marco came over after work and I made a sausage-tortellini pasta and we recapped our day.


The next morning, I headed to a friend’s place to help decorate for a big birthday party that was on the agenda for later that evening.



…then met up with Marco and his friend for brunch.


I spent the afternoon shopping for decorative pillows (for our bed) and rugs.  I found no bed pillows, nor rug but purchased this pony-hair pillow for our couch (which technically we don’t need and Marco thinks is ugly–ha).



Later that night we headed to the party.


The food situation: I made the caprèse skewers and yes, someone brought a bag of cheeseburgers and several packs of nuggets!


We stayed up so late, we saw the sun come up.



Home-made breakfast…

…and a real lazy day watching YouTube on the couch, drinking smoothies (recipe: frozen blueberries, a peach, water, scoop of Greek yogurt & kale).


Outfit deets:  Joan Vass tank, Garage kimono, American Apparel faux leather leggings, Qupid boots, F21 cross-body bag.


I thought I was good and that I could head out and do some shopping–yeah, not so much.  I got to the mall and realized I should just go back home and relax for the day… and so I did.


I planned on Saturday and picked up all the ingredients to make pulled pork in the slow cooker on Sunday so we wouldn’t have to think, shop or get take-out when feeling so “partied-out”.  I put everything in the slow cooker around noon, when I got up, and had some delicious sandwiches that evening.


To make:  buy a pork shoulder, make a simple rub mixture (paprika, salt & pepper) and rub all over.  Place gloves of garlic in folds of meat and on top and place in slow cooker.  Pour one can of Guinness all around shoulder and turn on low for eight hours (or high for five).


And finally, a new top I picked up at Marshalls (by Dulcie) that I saw a friend wearing on the weekend and loved.



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