DIY Pink Flamingo Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween!  Despite being confused with a ballerina 50% of the time, this pink flamingo costume was a big hit and cute at the same time.  I hadn’t planned to dress up during the day today but then I saw Veronika’s adorable flamingo DIY for her daughter and it sparked an idea for myself.

Click to see more photos & how I made it…

I made the skirt (which I have done in the past, seen here, using this tutorial) but in an attempt to save time, I simply hot-glued the feather boas to the skirt.

I picked up seven feather boas from the dollar store and I purchased an old H&M pink tank dress from the thrift store, washed it, and cut it under the arms to serve as the base the skirt.  

The t-shirt is from Walmart which I scored by fluke the same night in the perfect pink colour.  

Lastly, I made the headband by wrapping and hot-glueing ribbon to it and then adding a portion of the feather boas.  I paired the outfit with black leggings and booties to complete the look.


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