Mime Halloween Costume

I know I’m a little late, but we had a Halloween party last night, despite being the day after, and I wanted to share our costumes.

Marco came up with the idea to be mimes and I was able to mostly pull things from our closets to complete our outfits.  I picked up his striped shirt at Joe Fresh and bought white cream make-up for our faces. 

Click to see how I pulled these costumes together…

I didn’t end up using everything in this picture for our face make-up, but it gives you a good idea of what was needed.  I called four different Michaels stores looking for their white face paint (which is apparently the best) and they were all sold out.  So, we found this small tube of cream at Shoppers which was only $3 (and we bought two but ended up only needing one).

I started by outlining the ‘mask’ with a chunky white pencil, then filled it in with the cream face paint, going over it a few times to get an opaque look.  I left the eye area untouched and used a black eyeliner to rim the eyes and shade the lids.  I set the eyeliner with a black shadow and then took a small brush and covered any remaining skin showing with the face paint.

I used a bright red blush for the cheeks and then drew on the eyebrows with a light brown pencil.  Once I had the shape I wanted, I went over they eyebrow lines with black liner.  I used the black liner for the lines on the eye and the tear drop.  For my lips, I used a bright red lipstick and lined my lips with a black eyeliner and then smudged the colour inwards.  For Marco’s lips, we used the same red lipstick and a liner to extend his smile to make it creepier.

We were both initially wearing berets, something I already had on hand, but Marco switched his black one for his backwards hat later into the evening.  He wore sweatpants from H&M and red suspenders I had in my closet.

My dress is old and I paired a black body con skirt underneath to give it a teeny more length and my over-the-knee boots are an older online purchase (similar here).


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