Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

This past weekend was a bit of a whirlwind and it’s safe to say I think I need another weekend to recover!  That said, lots of fun, (good) stress and eats so here we go…


Friday night we went skiing at Camp Fortune with some friends and met up with my blog photographer, Serena, which was fun.


Afterwards, Marco and I, completely famished, grabbed viet food around 10pm.


Tons more photos after the jump…

This is becoming a Saturday morning tradition:  I eat pancakes and Marco plays around on the guitar before we head to the gym.



I stopped by my condo to see the progress and it’s really coming along, which is cool.  That said, it’s still going to be another year before it’s ready.


After the gym we went to Eggstyle for breakfast which was good but the coffee was meh.


The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing for this: 

A surprise engagement party for friends!


Myself and three friends have been scheming for two months, planning this surprise and it finally happened on Saturday evening at our place, in the party room.  Everything went off without a hitch and the couple (friends we went to Barbados with) were so surprised!


While we all had our food contributions between us, I was in charge of the d├ęcor and really proud of how the ‘fancy’ food table turned out.  I will be sharing more this week about a few of the details and DIYs I did.


One of the girls was in charge of cups, cutlery and plates and she got these cool labels for the solo cups that you etch your name into with your fingernail.  They were a huge hit.


Outfit deets:  Lulu’s top & Chiqle jeans.


Posing with the table.



The next morning (sunglasses were probably a good thing because I was feeling a little rough).  So these are Marco’s new shades he picked up on Saturday.  I had bought him Ray Bans (similar) for our anniversary back in September but they didn’t fit his face quite right.  I returned them and he’s been holding onto the credit since then until he found these Dolce & Gabbana beauties


After the gym we were indulgent and grabbed Five Guys which was just phenomenal.  I had a double burger and half the fries.  So. Freaking. Good.


Marco wanted to pop into Marshalls and of course I never have any objections with that.  I snapped a quick selfie in the fitting room to show off my new hoodie from him (this one is cute too).  He picked it up while shopping the day before and surprised me!  I don’t think he’s ever purchased a piece of clothing for me so this had to be noted.


I grabbed some of my favourite protein, since I was out.  This one, I’ve been told, is great for using as a meal replacement (or addition, in my case) and also post-workout.  It has 25 grams of protein and I really like the taste.  I mix this with water post-workout and then into all sorts of berry or pb/banana shakes.

I have been looking for a one-piece swimsuit for a while now and found this one at Marshalls and loved it.  This one is by Carmen Marc Valvo and is actually long enough in the body for me, comes with a removable neck-strap and is super flattering.  I love bikinis but have been looking for a sexy one-piece for those days where I’m feeling maybe a little less-than-sexy (still, the concept of wearing this at the beach is a little different for me to wrap my brain around…).


Marco picked up these face masks for when we go skiing–they were super on sale and I always try and steal his.  I love that he gave me the one with skulls #badass


We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in bed with a movie (Big Fish), an episode of our current show (Banshee), leftover pizza and this tortilla soup I made earlier in the week (recipe here).


Hope you had a great weekend, I’m already ready for the next one! Eep!



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