Rome | Day One

I won’t lie, Rome didn’t exactly start out great…

It was rainy and freezing upon our arrival, and after a quick 1.5 hour train ride from Florence, we were famished.  So, we dropped our bags at our hotel and went out, umbrellas in hand, in search off arguably the best pizza in Italy.

We had to walk almost 2km in the pouring, freezing rain but we found it.  Oh, we found it, and it did not disappoint.  The spot is Dar Poeta, and more on that later, but can we just take a moment and admire all of that buffalo mozzarella?  

Afterwards, we padded through the drizzling streets, popped into a couple shops along our route back to warm up, but nothing struck my fancy so we continued on.  Also, mostly everything was closed since it was Easter Sunday, so, back to the hotel we went for an evening catnap and then onto some dinner…

We found an amazing place around the corner from where were were staying, by fluke, and the rain had stopped by the time we got there, around 10pm (I tell you, we are seriously embracing the late-night Italian dinner culture).  

The meal was fantastic, and more on that later because it’s time for another meal now so I’ll have to excuse myself!  Thanks for reading along, I promise day two gets sunnier!


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