Are you a Type A or B?

I grew up in a fairly Type A environment.  My mom, being someone who was super organized, tidy and on top of everything, instilled some pretty awesome skills in me.  That said, I feel the switch over to the Type B side was made somewhere around my teenage years.  Somehow my room went from meticulously neat with knick-knacks adorning every surface, to a huge mess with knick-knacks exploding from every surface and piles of clothing covering every square inch of the floor.

Although my mom never liked it…

…she actually let me live in the mess more often than not, especially as I got older.  Maybe she saw I was a creative being that liked to drown in her inspiration (not) or maybe she just got tired of nagging me.  Either way, over time I went from what I thought was Type A to a true Type B personality.

I hadn’t really recognized this until I read this hilariously accurate article.  For me, I love living in a tidy environment, and it actually stresses me out when it’s messy–which is totally the Type A in me–but keeping it organized and tidy for more than a couple days is a serious downfall.  You should see my closet on most days.  Not cute.

And while other parts of the article attest to Type B’s preferring no plans, I do enjoy a good plan or two, but hate planning anything myself.  I like to know in advance what is going on so I can adapt the minutes and hours before that… even if it means simply lazing around watching YouTube.   That said, trying to plan anything is pain-ful–although to my credit, I have thrown an awesome baby shower and engagement party recently (with the help of a few friends).  So I guess it’s safe to say I possess some traits from both, but ultimately, Type B all the way who’d like to be organized.

What about you?  What’s your most prominent trait of the A or B?

(Photo of my desk in my closet / office room, which is abnormally tidy).


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