A Look Back at September


September was the worst month of the year, as we lost Marco’s father.  I talk a bit more about it here, but wanted to share that right away before getting into a few happier moments that were had before that.


We celebrated our anniversary in Montebello at the beginning of the month, which was really special.  We stayed overnight, had massages and a great dinner.


We watched our close friends get married and danced the night away (remember the engagement party, bridal shower & bachelorette?), I tried out Pure Kitchen with a friend (#yum) and met up with my out-of-town cousins for dinner one evening.  I shared a video on what shoes to wear with flares, worked out and cheered on the Jays.


I wore my new, distressed flares, tried out plaid, transitioned into Fall with a wooly vest, wore a wine-coloured duster cardigan & shared my trick for wearing a floppy hat in warmer weather.



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