Behind-the-Scenes at My Photoshoot with Place d’Orleans

Hi ladies!  Not sure if you remember back in August with Place d’Orleans but today I’m sharing the on-set footage I took during the day.  

We shot all day long, and three campaigns: Fall, Winter & Holiday.  The Fall campaign is currently up on their website, Facebook page, transit shelters around the city and the mall doors.

I wanted to vlog the day so I could share with you what goes on behind-the-scenes.  To say this is a normalcy would be far from the truth.  I’m no model and this was a super cool experience that certainly doesn’t happen everyday.  Kudos to the real models out there because that is a difficult job.

As always, thanks for watching!

Things I mentioned:


* (clip shown)


* Ministry of Coffee

* Place d’Orleans


* Chill House (royalty free) | via iTunes




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