Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Friday night we took it easy and stayed in.  We did pop downstairs to the party room as there was a goodbye party for our Super and we wanted to wish him well.

Marco brought us home some Viet take-out (heaven in a bowl!) and I spent the evening editing .

The next morning I made some oatmeal, but had no berries on hand so used a pear (not nearly as good) and we headed out to the gym.

1 cup oats, 3/4 cup boiling water (give or take), 3 tbsp. cinnamon & cut up fruit


Then we hit the road to head to see Marco’s family.

We made a quick stop over in New York state (if you follow me on Snapchat you saw that; I’m acoest1984) and I picked up a new lipstick (it’s a very chalky, pastel colour with a shiny finish–I love it).

We spent Saturday helping Marco’s mom with some things around her place.  One of the major items?  Painting a room!  I’m not going to lie, this was my first time painting but I like to think I made my mom proud (she’s an excellent home painter). 

We went to the Mandarin for dinner and this is the only photo I got.  It was amazing, in all honesty and I filled up on prime rib, sushi, shrimp, squash and a plate full of various pies.  #nom


The next morning, we continued to do some work around the house and I took Marco’s nieces out to McDonalds.  I grabbed A&W for myself as they have this grilled chicken burger on a whole wheat bun that is actually awesome.  I asked them to hold the ranch sauce and put mustard on instead.  I rarely eat fast food, but this is a great compromise (once in a while) in a pinch.


After relaxing at home for a bit, we went out and grabbed Vietnamese food for dinner.  It’s been a while since we’ve been to our fave spot and it was so good.

Back home, getting some work done on the computer with this little girl in tow–she always hangs around and I love having her perch up on me while I work (or watch endless YouTube videos).

Hope you ladies had a great weekend!


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