Friday Finds

Happy weekend ladies!  I’m know I’m a little late with the Friday Finds; we had a birthday dinner that went late on Thursday night and Friday was super busy.  

We ended up having a bunch of friends over Friday evening to watch the Jays game too, which resulted in Marco’s famous chilli and some amazing apps brought by friends.  This weekend we are out of town visiting family & staying toasty indoors.  Hope you’re having a great weekend!


There was an election in Canada this week.  This made me LOL.

On privilege.  (Wow)

How cozy is this blanket?  Reminds me of this Instagram.

Visiting Ottawa; how beautiful is this AirBnB?

This makes me want a (faux) maroon fur.

An easy way to save money.

We recently watched this movie; love it like the series.

Really love this parka.

Who likes rap music?  #raiseshand

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