Previewing the Granite Slabs & Condo Update

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any news about my condo that is being built and I have some exciting things to share.

Yesterday, I had an appointment to preview and approve the two slabs of granite for the kitchen and bathroom.  I went to the granite yard and they pulled the two sheets out for me to see.  The one above is going in the kitchen, which will be L-shaped and have a breakfast bar.  

I was a little concerned about the large spot in the top right hand corner, but the installers assured me they could work around it as this piece will be cut in three to form the countertop (breakfast bar piece + the long side of the L is cut in half to accommodate the placement of the stove).

The lighter piece of granite above is called Crema Marfa and that’s for the bathroom.  I am in love with this and think it will pair so beautifully with the dark cabinetry.  Granted, the counter will be a fraction of how large this piece is, but it was nice to see it so large.  

I noticed some streaks in both pieces of the granite but was informed it’s simply moisture that will evaporate.  Since the granite pieces are cut from a quarry and then stacked upright, side by side, the rock holds the moisture.  However, once the granite is separated from other pieces and can ‘breathe’, those streaks will disappear.

Also, I wanted to share a bit of an update on the finishes.  I shared my experience at the Design Centre and all the colours I chose but ended up going back a few weeks later and changing everything.  

Above is samples of what the kitchen will look like, which I’m totally stoked about.  I’ve chosen a tuxedo style kitchen, which is dark cabinets on the bottom and white on top.  Then you can see the sample granite slab–which is very similar to the large piece in the yard, above–and then a cream white subway tile, which I’m pairing with a dark grout.  Essentially, the look will be very similar to this inspiration photo.  So excited!

The bathroom will have the same dark cabinets as above, and glossy, cream coloured ceramic tile for the floor.  I swapped the hardwood to a light maple to open up the small space and keep it airy.  I was never a fan of light hardwood until we moved into our current condo and have loved living with it.  It’s bright and airy and I love that.

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