3 Exercises for Your Butt

I have been incorporating more lower body into my fitness routine and have seen some big changes.  It seems like everyone and their mom is about that booty, so today I’m sharing three of my favourite moves to target the glutes to give you that round asset we’re seeing all over social media.

These videos are sped up a bit to give you an idea of the move at a faster pace.  Your moves should be slow and controlled.  Form is always number one, so if the weight is too heavy, drop it slightly–no shame in making sure your form is on point before adding more.

 |   (GREAT PRICE!)  |

Two more videos + a tip after the jump…

Keep in mind that to shape your butt, it needs to grow bigger and that means adding muscle.  If your booty is a ‘problem area’, it might feel a bit strange making it bigger (when perhaps you’re hoping to downsize), but trust me that building the muscle and making it grow will give you a shapelier, leaner butt.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see change overnight, keep in mind that growing muscle is a long, slow and steady process.  Consistency and diet are key so feed your muscles with protein to help them grow.

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