Bohemian Bridal Photoshoot

When hair & make-up artist Erin, whom I met on set during this photoshoot, and formed a friendship with afterwards, reached out and asked if I would model for her, the answer was an obvious yes.  

She’s one of those people that you instantly like, hit it off with and can count on for a favour.  When someone like that needs something from you, it’s a no brainer–plus hello a beautiful gown and a flower crown?  Yass girl, yasss.

I’d love to share some photos if you’d like to see…

The theme was bohemian and our photographer scouted out this awesome location with a massive pile of logs.  I’m not going to lie, it was quite cold–snow all around us and a crisp wind.  However, we worked quickly and I think we nailed the look we were going for.  Additionally, the pop of colour with the flowers looked so great against the natural elements.

The fur stole belonged to my Great-Grandmother so I brought it along just in case and it worked out perfectly.  Such a special piece to have in my closet that doesn’t get much wear, so I’m glad we were able to incorporate it.

This is definitely not my typical, edgier look, but it was fun to play dress up for the day.  To be honest,  I don’t really recognize myself in these photos but that’s often what photoshoots are–representing how someone else wants you to look versus how you’d normally put yourself out there.  

The make-up and hair were really simple, Erin wanted to emulate a carefree, bohemian and natural vibe and I think that was accomplished.  She didn’t use hair extensions nor lashes, and although she did a beautiful smokey eye, it was super light and easy.

Photographer  |  Lisa Provencal

Hair & Make-Up  |  Elska Beauty / Erin Heather

Dress  |  The Handmade Bride

Flowers  |  Ane Moi Creations


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