Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps


You guys, this is looking a lot like how last weekend’s snaps started off!  I’m not going to lie when I say comfort is winning for me on weekends though.  Since getting in November, they are basically all I want to wear in and out of the gym.  They are super comfy, thick, they suck you in and they make the booty look good.  Save your pennies and invest in a pair if you can, you will easily get your monies worth.

On Friday night…

…a huge snowstorm hit Ottawa!  I had planned to go to the gym but the roads were super bad so I went home from work and settled in with Marco.  I made a snack and relaxed for a bit and when we finally got hungry around 9pm, we ventured out to get Vietnamese food at our favourite spot.

On Saturday morning I whipped up –great pre-workout breakfast–and we headed out to the gym.  Then we were on our way to Kingston to visit family.



So cold!  We had the coldest day of the year/winter on Saturday at -45C (it was colder than the North Pole #areyoukiddingme ).  It was basically awful, so we were mad bundled to stay warm when we had to jump out of the car.

It was so cold you could see steam coming off the lake.

On Saturday night, we took Marco’s Mom and niece to dinner at Dianne’s in Kingston and it did not disappoint!  A true surf-and-turf spot known also for their smoked pulled-pork, we had calamari and mussels to start, they stock tons of amazing tequila and we all had some sort of taco for dinner.  Highly recommend.

On Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast and then headed out to run some errands with Marco’s Mom.  I packed but it was so cold I had to wear thigh-high black socks underneath!  Exposed skin in these temps is just not happening.  Fortunately it’s supposed to warm up by mid-week (above zero–so crazy!  What a swing).

A quick pit stop at the service centre on the way home–I grabbed the grilled chicken burger from A&W, hold the sauce, add mustard instead with extra lettuce and tomato on a whole wheat bun.  It’s not easy to eat healthy when travelling but this sandwich is pretty good when you need something in a pinch.

And finally, Valentine’s Day.  We had dinner reservations on Sunday evening but decided to cancel them earlier in the afternoon.  We had a really nice meal on Saturday night and since we went away, had a ton of stuff to do around the condo–cleaning and so much laundry.  I know, I know, so unromantic but I don’t really mind.  

Valentine’s Day used to be so much more important to me, but the way Marco treats me year-round is what matters most.  Yes, it’s super sweet to celebrate on the 14th, and I love seeing all of my friends’ special surprises but we are fortunate to travel and eat out frequently that getting all the ‘ugh‘ things I needed to do around the house, out of the way, makes me feel so much better about going into this week.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that Marco made an awesome dinner for us–in fact, the same meal he made the first time he cooked for me many years ago (plus he took all the recycling out, emptied the garbages & cleaned the kitchen #happyvalentinesdaytome ).

All in all, hope you had a great weekend.  I’d love to hear if you did anything special with your partner or friends for Valentine’s Day.  Also, thanks for reading–I know I was very MIA last week but it was a very stressful week.  I was having some anxiety and my evenings were busy and, well…. life.  Regardless, sending a BIG HUG to you all.  Happy Monday!


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