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Happy hump day, girls, how is your week going?

I definitely felt down on Monday, only to realize the next day, it was Blue Monday!  That day is legit.  I had completely forgotten, but I seriously felt like I got up on the wrong side of the bed.  I was in a mood all day, and couldn’t shake it until I got home from work, and the gym and got into some video editing–which is usually my happy place.

I wanted to share this look today because layering and how-to is something that came up several times in the –and I will do a full post dedicated to that later this week, answering specific comments you girls sent in–thank you.

has gotten a ton of play and I am loving all the amazing colours it comes in now.  I in the burgundy colour but am seriously loving the dark grey also!

Additionally, I’m so sorry is now sold out.  I shared on the A.Co Facebook page yesterday afternoon that it had been restocked and by 10pm it was sold out again.  I picked mine up in December ( on Christmas Eve) and have been living in it so I will definitely share on FB if they get more in.

This is the first outfit post with my new Celine bag–which honestly feels surreal to own.  I have been coveting this thing for like, four years.  I also just realized I said I would speak about it in , and then I never did.  However, I will do a full post dedicated to it, the shopping experience and my overall feelings on the bag soon.


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I say with neutrals because that’s my go-to, but also because it keeps it simple.  We can discuss patterns later, but for next let’s stick to the basics of a wardrobe to hone in on how to layer effortlessly.

(1)  THROW ON A JACKET  |  Whether it’s cold or not, a jacket is a key staple piece to add interest to a look without fussing.  If you’re wearing long sleeves, pull the sleeves out of the cuffs to show ’em off.

(2)  ADD A SCARF  |  This one is pretty easy, but grab a scarf in a similar colour tone–I like to keep a couple of different scarves in my back seat to grab and go in case I forget to pack one (or in this case, in my bag).

(3)  PLAY WITH TEXTURES  |  Since I love neutrals so much, I like to inject interest by mixing different textures together, that way, even if you’re in all one colour, your layers are adding dimension.  Think knits, cotton, leather, suede & denim.

(4)  DON’T FORGET THE ACCESSORIES  |  Even though my outfit includes a scarf, I’m still wearing a choker underneath–don’t underestimate the power of accessories, they will make your style truly you.  I have my daily go-to bangle, rings and earrings, but I always switch up my necklace.

(5)  ADD A HAT  |  Although I’m not wearing a hat in these photos, that would be a great piece to add to top the outfit off.  I would go for something like or this more .


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