Good morning!  How was your weekend?  I was sharing a ton on IG stories and Snapchat–acoest1984–so if you follow along, you pretty much know everything I’m about to share, but let’s jump into it anyway!

On Friday night we drove up to Tremblant to spend the night.  It’s about a two hour drive, so it’s nice to get that out of the way and then relax until we ski in the morning.  We headed up shortly after the dinner hour and our friend Pete came along with us.


It was freezing this weekend, and just running from the hotel to the restaurant to grab some grub was painful!  We’re talking -26C on Friday night–Marco is a serious trooper for taking this pic of me and having to remove his gloves to do so!  #realtalk

We grabbed dinner at Casey’s, and I am such a sucker for a taco bowl.  I tried to be good with the dressing on the side, but ended up eating it all and the entire bowl itself.  Seriously, I cannot resist when things come in edible bowls–it’s bad, I know, but they are so delicious.

The next morning, we all slept in a bit before deciding on the plan.  It was -20C with the wind, and there were barely any people on the hill at 10am.  We kind of debating just heading home, but ultimately decided to layer up and head out.

I shared the pic above on Snapchat, since you can never see the layers underneath my jacket and snow pants.  This weekend it was a tank, long sleeve thermal, long sleeve turtle neck, the sweatshirt, two neck-warmer/face masks + a lined bandana face mask.  Under the pants are two pairs of leggings and two pairs of socks, one that goes over the knees.

Once we got outside, it wasn’t terrible, since we were so bundled up, but sitting on the chair lift and going down the hill was somewhat miserable.  It was just too cold and unlike when the snow conditions were awesome, this time it was pretty icy, which puts a damper on everything.  We skied for a bit, went in to warm up, skied a little more and called it a day in the mid-afternoon.

 |  | (, )  |  BURTON ‘HARPER’ PANTS ()

A few of you ladies have asked about what I wear for snowboarding.  My jacket is and I love it, but can’t find it available (new) anymore.  The one I’ve linked above is similar, but a slightly higher price point–however, the AK line is amazing, and that’s what I’d love to get for a second jacket.  

Speaking of jackets, I’d really love a pull-over stye next; they aren’t the most practical, but I love the look.  I was eyeing one last year and it sold out, and really want , but Marco isn’t a fan.  Thoughts?

My pants are also a couple years old, and I have the same pair in olive green (which was the first pair I got; seen & here).  I love the more fitted style and although they cost me a fortune back then with the shipping and duty, I love them both.

The goggles are and Marco wears the same pair in black.  They are super comfy and I love that you can switch out the lenses depending on the conditions.  We have a few different lenses for cloudy, sunny or evening conditions which make a world of a difference.  

This definitely isn’t a cheap sport, but if you collect a few pieces each year, you can outfit yourself well, plus, it’s always worth it to hunt for sales, when possible.


On Sunday morning, I slept in and relaxed for a while on the couch with some YouTube.  My girl friend gave me this mug for Christmas, and it was my first time using it–I love that it fits the 10oz. size from the Keurig!

After some breakfast and lounging, I started getting ready to film a few videos.  I’ve been having a hard time getting into filming mode lately, and it’s often because the weekend is the time to film (great lighting and I can start with fresh hair and make-up) but then there are always so many (fun) things happening on the weekend… and work can sometimes take a back seat.  It’s a process getting ready to film, this is definitely not my everyday make-up and sometimes I just want to hang out in my sweats.

You guys said you wanted more realness in , so that’s real honesty.  I love making videos, but I also love to be lazy sometimes too.

 |    |   — MY FAVE!

 | — OLD ()  | — LOVE THESE!

I hit the gym on Sunday evening after a two week hiatus.  I caught a cold after New Years and have been fighting it since.  I finally feel just about 100% and was itching to get back after all the treats I’ve been indulging in.  

Normally I like to go in the mornings, on the weekends, and get it out of the way, but I knew that would push my whole day back and I wanted to get some serious work done today, since I had the chance.

Afterwards, I grabbed a few groceries and came home to make this vegetarian quinoa chilli (recipe here) I shared on Snapchat.  It turned out delicious and was so easy to make.  I had most of the items on hand, which always helps.  It might not be a man pleaser, but you could always add ground beef or turkey.

Lastly, I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you that filled out the Reader Survey on Saturday.  Reading your responses has been so awesome, and I’m making note of everything you’re saying.  I will be talking more about this later after the survey closes, but wanted to say a quick thanks today.  

If you didn’t get a chance, today is the last day, it’s only 10 questions and super quick.  I would absolutely love and appreciate your feedback, and you can .

Hope you all have a great Monday, and see you tomorrow for a new outfit post.


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