I wanted to start up a new series every month, sharing just a few of my favourites that I’m loving.  The goal is to share favourites that are new to me, maybe a little off the beaten path and not what everyone would be calling a favourite that month.  I’ll share items from fashion, lifestyle, tech, beauty  and/or food.

Today I have four things I’ve been using non stop last month, and am continuing to use them so had to share.  I shared my December Favourites in a video last month, if you’d like to see.

First up, from the tech world…

When Marco first told me about this, I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it was something worth spending the money on, but after using it for over a month, I can tell you it’s awesome.

The adapter plugs into your computer or a wall unit, and is a great item for your desk if you’re someone who spends a lot of time there.  The design is sleek and sturdy, and they come in all the colours to match your phone.

Not only is it handy to have and looks great, it charges your phone much faster than a regular charger and you can sync to your computer if you have it plugged in there.

I just recently shared this sweater , but I’ve been wearing it frequently since getting it last month.  So much so, that I packed it for –and you know when you bring something on a trip, you legit love it.

The knit is thick and stretchy, the body is slightly oversized and it fits well in the arms.  I love the bell sleeves (you girls know I’m a sucker for those right now!) and the rich olive green colour –also comes in light grey.

I’ve been pairing this mostly with skinny denim, but it would look great with white denim shorts, when the weather gets nicer or even over a swimsuit.

Eek!  A Christmas gift from my love; I am so stoked about this camera.  I’ve been eyeing this camera for about six months, and was debating hard before we went to Italy on getting it.  I decided not to pull the trigger because this little thing is pretty pricey.  I’ve been using for over a year now for vlogging, some videos and when I don’t want to pull out the DSLR, and it’s great.  However, I love that has a flip up screen, unlike the PEN, whose screen flips down and gets in the way when using a tripod/mini-hand tripod, among other things.

I’ve only had this since mid-January, but am really pleased with it.  Most notably, the weight of the camera is much lighter, you can brighten and darken the frame during filming if required, and again, the flip up screen.  Not to mention, it takes fantastic photos, auto-focusses much better during video than the first generation, and is quick to respond when I turn on and want to record something right away.  I also like that the lens is stationary (something I may dislike in the future, I’m not sure yet) and there is an automatic lens cap.  Additionally, there is the wifi capability (which the PEN also has) so you can quickly transfer photos from camera to phone, and use your phone as a remote to take selfies.

I still have a ton of learning and playing around to do with this, but have found it really easy to use, even though my little bit of camera training is with a Nikon.

My sister-in-law just recently opened up her business, Earth Department, and gifted me with a huge basked of goodies at Christmas.  She’s really into all natural products, and makes all of these herself.  I have slowly started to incorporate natural and paraben free products into my daily life over the last year and a half, so this was right up my alley.

While I have yet to try everything she gave me, I’ve been using the Peppermint Lip Balm twice daily since getting it.  It’s so good, and it’s $4!  

She has an array of products, from scrubs to beeswax candles, bath bombs to face mists, and more.


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