Good morning & happy Monday!  We got hit with a major snowstorm yesterday, it didn’t stop snowing all day (did you see my IG stories? If you follow, you know what I’m talking about…) so we mostly stayed in, but it was super pretty to watch.

On Friday night, we decided to head out for sushi, which was delicious.  Afterward, we headed home and watched a movie, but I cannot even remember which one, so clearly it was that good…

On Saturday morning, we hit the gym, for the first time in a long time for me.  I got sick again a couple weeks ago and seriously, this winter has not been on my side.  I definitely know my body and when I’m sick, I need to lay low to get better, which also means: no gym.  Needless to say, I’m still sore, so it was a great lower body workout.

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Afterwards, we did a little house hunting and came up empty handed.  We had seen something we liked, but when we got there, it was not as expected so it we had to drop it from the list.  It was actually quite disappointing because we were super psyched about this one.  Oh well… the search continues.

We headed for a late brunch and then did a little window shopping.  We went out to the outlet mall and poked around before grabbing Shawarma and heading home.  I ended up being so beat that I crashed at 8pm!  Totally unlike this night owl.


I spent Sunday morning putting together the , editing my Favourite Christmas Gifts video (better late than never?) and working on some content for this week.  

I took a little break in the afternoon to venture out into the snowstorm with Marco to hit the gym and then grab lunch at Nandos.

Finally, a few of you were asking about I linked on the .  I tried it on in the store, didn’t buy it, regretted it, and ordered it in the same size online!  It hasn’t come in yet, but this is a pic from when I tried it on–I’m wearing a size 8.  The best part?  The funnel neck is fleece lined, perfect for snowy days!

Finally, I’m starting a new series tomorrow which I’m totally excited about, so come back and check it out!  Thanks for stopping by xo


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