It’s Tuesday!  Last night, after a swapping a few sad emojis (ie. about vacation being over) with my girlfriend, we decided to do a impromptu dinner at my place.  I hadn’t grabbed groceries and had an errand after work that prevented me from doing so, which meant I needed to whip something up from the cupboards.  #yikes

We went with a Meatless Monday theme, and I made us spinach and parmesan egg-white omelettes along with five-bean (instead of chickpea) cakes and we called it good.  Throwing together a meal without shopping for it isn’t exactly my forte, but passing up good company wasn’t an option so we made it work!  What do you girls cook in a pinch?  I’m always curious to hear what people eat for dinners.

O U T F I T  D E T A I L S  :  GAP DENIM JACKET — OLD/THRIFTED & BLEACHED MYSELF ()  |  F21 CHOKER ()  |  |  |  | ()  |  |  

I cannot get enough of these sandals!  I bought them about a month ago and brought them with me on both and wore them 75% of the time during the evening, including dancing the night away two nights in a row.  To say these are my new favourite shoes for summer would be an understatement.

You might remember I purchased () last year, but I did find them a little roomy, so with these ones I sized down half a size and it’s a good fit.  I find Steve Madden usually runs tts, but sometimes have a little wiggle room at times–these are the perfect example.  Additionally, with the block heel, it makes them a ton better for walking around, I feel so much sturdier.

As for the denim jacket, I bought it at a thrift store years ago and bleached it myself and have been wearing it for years (remember ?).  I used to love to scour the thrift stores–and you can often find the best denim jackets there, if you’re willing to hunt.  I still go every now and again, but like I said, you have to be down to dig.  I did a DIY on how I bleached this jacket but it’s so old and the photos are awful, I’m not sure it’s useful at all!  However, if you’re inclined, you can find that .


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