Hey girls, hope you had a great weekend.  I am back from Cancun and will have a recap of the trip up this week–so many photos, lots to sort through so bear with me!

On Friday, we were still in Mexico, living the life and spending our last day on the beach.   were my go-to all week, despite packing some tall gladiator sandals for daytime, I couldn’t even be bothered to wear ’em.  Also, those were worn the most of the four I brought, even got a couple compliments from strangers; $15 well spent!

On our second last day, we discovered these amazing salted rim, mango margaritas; they were to die for!  Probably for the best I didn’t know about these sooner because I already feel like I ate and drank my way through this vacation.


We flew back on Saturday and left really early in the morning.  We got into Ottawa mid-afternoon, and decided to run a couple errands before going for an early dinner at our fave Chinese spot.  Look at the cute napkin!  They folded it like a little blazer and when Marco and I tried to replicate with, he totally was able to do it before me.

We took it easy that night, watched the season finale of The Walking Dead (omg–are you as shocked as I am?  Also, totally surprised it wasn’t more of a cliff hanger) and a couple episodes of Billions before calling it a night.


 |  |  SWEATER — OLD  |  | (RUNS TTS)  |  H&M BAG — OLD

On Sunday I woke up feeling awful.  I headed back to bed for another hour and felt the same when I woke up.  If you follow along on Instastories, you know I had a shoot with Lisa and had to run out and pick up a package to use some of the items for the shoot.  I grabbed a gatorade on the way home and tried to rally.


Post-shoot and quickly into comfy clothes with a bowl of plain pasta in hopes it would settle my stomach.  I spent the evening cleaning the condo and doing laundry before hitting the sheets.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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