Monday, here we go!  After a productive weekend, it feels kind of like I need another weekend, but alas here we are.

On Friday night, my Aunt was in town and stopped in to see our new place and have dinner.  I made a chicken pasta dish that was basically cold by the time we started eating–does anyone else have trouble cooking and entertaining at the same time?  I swear, multitasking like that is not my strong suit, but something I am definitely going to work at.


Do you girls remember these outdoor vases from last summer?  A few of you asked about these and I saw that Loblaws (Barrhaven location, for my local ladies) has brought them back!  I loved using these for candles on the rooftop last year–they make great decor for the table top or ground and are around $20 each.

On Saturday, we spent the day unpacking boxes and doing some organizing around the house.  It takes so much longer than you think, or at least, than I think!  However, definitely getting there.  My office now looks tidy and set up, mind you there are various items I’ve stacked in the closet that require a little more organization, but that’s okay.

We ended up running a few errands on Saturday evening, and grabbed dinner at Pirho Grill, which is this great little spot where you order at the counter, get your food and go sit to eat.  Very casual with a cool industrial feel inside.  The food is super fresh, healthy and while there are a few options (bowls, pitas, etc.), they mostly specialize in big bowls of rice, greens, and toppings.

We found those cute little pet bowls for Eve at Winners.  We have been keeping her food and water dishes in our bedroom, since she’s up there the most, but whenever we are on the main floor, she’s always meowing at us for water, so figured we’d get something for the kitchen while she adjusts.



On Sunday I did some Father’s Day shopping & then headed out to a baby shower for a friend.

The shower was excellent and so well done.  We sat outside on the back deck and in the gazebo, the weather was a gorgeous and there was tons of food.  The hosts were incredible, and thought of every little detail, from balloons, to colour-coordinated napkin rings, a candy bar, drinks (including wine, yas!), games and more.  You could tell a ton of thought had been put into the day.

I made the “pickle sandwiches” above, and they were a  huge hit!  I had been to the Dentist earlier in the week, and when I asked my Hygienist if she had any suggestions on what I could bring to the shower (a trick, actually, to avoid small talk), she ended up telling me about these!  Someone she knows, works as a Nurse in the maternity ward of a local hopsital, and she said that anytime there is a potluck, someone always brings these famed pickle sandwiches–and they always get eaten up!

The recipe is super simple, buy a baguette, slice it almost all the way through, spread with cream cheese, layer with shaved ham & line up dill pickles down the centre (I doubled up on the pickles).  Then slice into grab-able pieces, plate, and serve.


And lastly, in case you missed it, there’s a new Weekend Shopping Deals post that went up late Saturday night, and a bunch of the items are still on sale!

Hope you girls have a great day! xo


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