Hey girls, hoping on for a quick recap of the weekend, although, truly my weekend was so uneventful, it feels like these photos are nothing to write home about!

I went to see Eve (our cat) at the hospital on Friday evening, and the vet gave me some uplifting news that she was improving.  I felt so optimistic and while Eve was still dopey, I could tell she was happy to see me.  I went home and did a bunch of cleaning, made myself a simple dinner and settled into a movie.


In case you missed it, I share a Weekend Shopping Deals post yesterday, including my new sneakers above which are selling out quick & on sale!  I have these in the olive green colour and loved them so much I had to get the grey.

Note: these sneakers run big, so size down a full size.  Also I find they run wide, so if you’re narrow, maybe not the ideal choice.

Saturday morning pancakes & some laundry/cleaning, and then I was off to pick up our girl!

The Vet called in the morning and said she was doing well, but not eating, and if I wanted to, I could bring her home.  I was ecstatic, obviously and headed over to the hospital that afternoon.

Essentially, Eve has kidney disease and she will have this for the rest of her life–but from what we understand, it’s manageable through diet and medication.  The hospital saved her life, and we are so grateful, but we also aren’t out of the woods yet.  She isn’t eating and we are trying our best to tempt her with anything, but she’s a picky little girl, that’s for sure.

The little shaved part on her arm, below, is from where they had the IV.

Saturday night I took it easy with baked chicken, sweet potatoes and wine.  I (embarrassingly?) watched the Justin Bieber documentary, which was entertaining and interesting–I enjoyed it, seriously!

I kept the weekend open so I could be available for Eve, whatever she needed.  She mostly hung around and cuddled all night, it was the biggest relief to have her home.  She was also clearly very happy to be home.


And finally, on Sunday I did some yard stuff, blogged and headed out the gym.  I ran some errands before coming back home to unpack a few boxes–yes, there are still many of those ‘what to do with these things’ boxes in the basement… but the good news is we have a basement now #outofsight–and whatnot.

Hope you girls had a great weekend.  Tomorrow is early access for Canadians for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I’m pumped!  I’ll be sharing more here and on Instastories (I hope, pending one Nordstrom Credit Card that has yet to arrive in the mail–arghhhh).  See you then!


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