Hey girls, how was your weekend?  It was busy around these parts and looking back, I’ll be honest,, I’m a little disappointed I didn’t capture more for the recap.

We had Marco’s Mom and Aunt, plus my Aunt and parents over for a bit of an impromptu BBQ on Saturday night.  It was such a great evening–and I didn’t get any photos.  That said, it was very go-go-go the entire time with setting everything up, timing all the food, husking corn, filling drinks, setting the table and all that jazz.

Let’s start with Saturday morning though first.  I got up and did a bunch of cleaning, whipped up my fave pancakes (sidenote: I always add oats to them now for more substance & to help keep them together) and waited for Marco’s Mom and Aunt to arrive.

Also, really quickly, I ordered the stools above for our back deck, as seating along our railing as an interim solution until we find a table with chairs.  They were a great price and I love that I can sit outside at least if wanted.  That said, we decided to put four (of the eight) stools at the island in the kitchen since we don’t have any yet.  It’s awesome being able to sit at the island now, but we are looking for a different style for that area, but all in due time #newhomeexpensescomingouttheyinyang


Once Marco’s Mom and Aunt arrived, we headed out to the outlets to do some shopping.

I found a couple of beautiful dresses at Saks Off 5th, below.  It should be noted that the pricing is different everywhere I looked.  The strapless dress below was on sale for $74 on the size large, and $94 on the medium (wearing below).  I took the medium to the cash and it still rang in for $94.  When I look online, its $66.  What the heck?



I’m so in love with this dress!  It fit me like a glove off the rack, and again the pricing was so off because in store it was $41.  So, if you’re in Ottawa, they had a few still at the Tanger outlets, including a few in black.

I have no occasion to wear this dress just yet, but personally I find formal dresses and denim are the two items you should jump on if you find something you love, it fits and the price is right.

They are definitely the types of items that when you’re looking for them, you never find.  Typically when we have a wedding or Christmas party to go to, I pull from my closet versus going out shopping so I’m sure this number will come in handy in the next year (at least I hope it will, ha!).


On Sunday morning we had breakfast before Marco’s family headed home, and it was great having our first overnight house guests!  So fun.

Afterwards, I striped the beds, washed the sheets and headed out to the mall.  I had a couple returns to make and wanted to poke around.  I found a few necklaces (below) before heading home.


This picture makes me laugh; Eve wouldn’t leave these necklaces alone as I was trying to snap a photo of them, and to be honest, the photos weren’t looking very good so this is much cuter anyway.


And finally, dinner on the back deck, leftover pizza and rosé to end the weekend.

See you tomorrow for a new outfit!


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