This past weekend was really great, filled with friends and food.  Canadian Thanksgiving was last weekend, so this weekend we hosted our friends for another round of turkey.  It turned out awesome, so let’s jump in…

To kick off the weekend, we headed out to dinner with our friends on Friday night to Joey’s.  We had such a great meal, some fantastic cocktails and ended up chatting away late into the night.  #doubledatewin

I wore the outfit above, which I’ll link below:

Saturday was the day we were hosting our friends for Thanksgiving dinner.  We were up early to get the bird prepared and into the oven.  We’ve done a few turkeys before (this was the first time ever) but this time we did a fresh one with our own seasoning and all that jazz.  No stuffed, cook-from-fozen butterball this year–and you know what?  It worked out!  Woohoo!

Also on the agenda for Saturday:  make a table runner.

I grabbed this linen fabric from the fabric store after going in for burlap, only to discover it was $26/meter (ouch!).  I needed over three meters, so that wasn’t an option.  I checked out the drapes sale section and found this neutral linen fabric for $8/meter, which was perfect.  I spent the morning pining the runner and sewing–and breaking my needle, if you saw on Instastories!–and it turned out pretty well.  Definitely not perfect, but I’m an amateur sewer at best, so I’m pleased with the result.

Then I was off to set the table, peel potatoes, make the vegetables, tidy the kitchen as Marco prepared the stuffing and eventually the gravy, get showered and ready for our friends who were arriving around 6pm.


The meal turned out great, our friends all helped out by bringing a dish, from homemade cranberries, to beans, appetizers, buns, pies and more.  It was fantastic!

Afterwards we played a bunch of games, which fun and after everyone left I slipped into a cleaning frenzy and then we were off to bed.

Sidenote: the pic above with Eve (our cat) is a little blurry, since I grabbed it from my girlfriend from FB, but I loved it so wanted to share.


On Sunday I slept in, ran a couple errands and took it easy.  I wore my new choker-tunic from Tobi–it’s supposed to be a dress, but it’s a little short on me; note I’m wearing a large.  We watched Baby Driver which was a movie that kept my interest and was quite good.  It was unexpected, but in a good way, would recommend if you like car movies (+ all star cast).

Hope you girls had a great weekend! xo


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