Hey girls, happy Friday!! Just popping on to share a new outfit, I spent the day yesterday with a friend for coffee and perusing Home Sense, completely enamoured by all the holiday decor that is out!  Eek, somebody hold me back!  I definitely want to get a head start on decorating and will be sharing as I go.  I saw some pretty garland but it wasn’t long enough, so I’m going to keep looking but I would love to wrap that up around the banister of our stairs.

I filmed a little vlog of my day, actually, so I’ll be sharing that on my YouTube channel soon + a mini haul of what I picked up!

If you’re wondering what the red crap is on my boots, it’s nail polish.  I was doing my toenails one evening (back when we lived at the condo) and knocked my bottle over and the brush flung paint as well–sadly, these boots were in the vicinity.  It’s not terribly noticeable when I’m wearing them, but still a bummer.


For this outfit, this is something I would wear on the weekend, likely out to a casual dinner or lunch with girlfriends.  The entire thing is easy, but adding the fringe booties add something extra.  Layer a suede or leather jacket on top with an oversized scarf when it’s colder and you’re good to go!

You have seen me wear this long sleeve basic so. many. times.  They came out with a new one this year, and I love it–I tried it on while in Florida, it still runs big and I would still go with a small (I am mostly medium in other brands), and I really love the burgundy colour!  They are a little on the pricey side, I know that, but for the amount of times I reach for these tops, I’d say my cost per wear is way down and they are worth it.  They make such great tops for running errands, hanging out at home, meeting up with friends, going out for a meal or movie, and more.  They are a casual, waffle knit fabric, but as you can see from this outfit, easy to dress up as well.  You can see me wearing this in the previous year’s style here, in olive green here & in black here.

What are you up to this weekend?  I’m planning to get all the laundry done from our trip, film a video I couldn’t get to before we went to Florida and just enjoy being home.  I absolutely love getting away, but this was my first trip since us moving and I was super excited to get back home as well–which never happens!  So I guess that’s a good sign, at least.  Eve was super happy, and sleeping in your own bed really can’t be beat!

Hope you girls have a great weekend and happy Remembrance Day (tomorrow) everyone. xo




Photography by Lisa Provençal.


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