This weekend was out of the ordinary… and awesome!  It was spent working, but not at my usual 9 – 5, it was work for my side business (and passion) of styling and content creation, and it was pure joy (and a massive amount of hard work).  I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves and then share more at the bottom of the post, so let’s jump in!

As some of you may know, I work with Lisa here in Ottawa, for all my outfit photos.  She’s actually a really popular wedding photographer in Ottawa, but we have been working together for almost two years.  Over the course of that time, we’ve developed a working style but even moreso, an amazing friendship to boot.  Shooting with her is always a good time, despite it always being fast paced and focussed on our businesses and getting the job done.

Recently, we were hired to shoot a shoe campaign for Armstrong & Richardson, a fourth-gen family run company in Ottawa, and this past weekend was the photoshoot.  There was a ton of ‘behind the scenes’ work done leading up to Saturday, including a final six hours of prep work for the shoot on my living room floor the night before.  I didn’t share that part on IG Stories, because honestly, it’s the nitty gritty part of the job that is exhausting (and boring), but makes the shoot in the end run so smoothly.  However, I did vlog some of it, so stay tuned 😉

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early and Lisa was at my place by 9:30am.  We had several locations lined up, cars loaded with over 40 shoes and accessories, and we were off (did you catch my Instastories?).  Unfortunately, the weather had different plans for us.  It started to freeze rain, then hail, and we were stuck sitting in the car like #wailingemoji  We had a male model lined up to join us later in the afternoon, as well, which worried us.  Fortunately, the hail eventually let up, we were way behind schedule, but we continued on.  Our male model joined us, it went perfectly, and we shot until the dreary sun in the sky started to set.

It was a successful and very long day of shooting, but we didn’t get everything done, which meant we were out finishing our shoot on Sunday.  The only difference?  Oh about 5 inches of snow that fell overnight!  We went from grey skies and green grass, to sunshine and a fresh coat of powder everywhere!  Gorgeous (and cold!).

So all that to say, that would be why these weekend snaps are a little different looking.  I was working all weekend, and after the fact, editing some of my own photos and of course putting this post together.  I’m so excited to see our finished product, once Lisa gets everything out, and will share as much as I can on here, but you can always check out the A&R Instagram page for our work in the coming weeks.

Hope you girls had a great weekend yourself.  Did you get a chance to relax?  I did take a bubble bath to decompress on Saturday night–I’m so not a bath person, I don’t think I’ve taken one in years, but my back and neck were killing after Saturday and I needed it.  Plus, the weather turned for the worse and a freezing rain storm rolled in so we were kind of house-bound.  We also started the series The Punisher, and after the first episode I was totally hooked!  If you like action, suspense and a lead character that gets even (I’ve also read there is a major tie to conspiracy), it may be right up your alley.

Lastly, I’ll be sharing some killer Black Friday deals this weekend, and like years past, there are often sales before the sale so I’ll be sure to keep you updated here as the week goes on.

See you tomorrow! xo




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