Hey girls–happy Monday!  Guess what?  Two more weeks till Christmas–ahhhhh!

How was your weekend?  Things were busy and good around these parts so without further adieu, let’s jump in!

So on Friday night, after several evenings of running back and forth to the store, a couple dreaded trips to Costco and perusing the aisles of Michaels, we planned to finally decorate our new Christmas tree!

I stopped at Lowes on the way home to grab a ladder (ours wasn’t tall enough to get the tree topper on) only to come home, unwrap it, extend it and have both of us realize it wasn’t going to work. Ugh!  So, after scarfing down some food, we made our way back out to Lowes around 8pm to return it and get something that would work.

We spent the entire night cutting and attaching ribbon, making ribbon bows, and going up and down the ladder to decorate the tree!  We finished around 1am and are both so excited with how it turned out.  Styling a tree is seriously no joke–I had no idea!! We’ve always done mish-mashed trees but this was a whole other beast.  Super glad we did it, but it was just a ton more work than I think we both anticipated.  Really excited to enjoy it for the next several weeks.

On Saturday I was up making my favourite pancakes before we headed out to the gym.

From there I had some major work to get to for the entire day.  I had a shoot planned with my photographer for Sunday, and Saturday was the last chance for me to finalize all the details, get the last of the props and clean the house like a mad woman!


And finally on Sunday the shoot went amazing and I will be sharing more this week and next–all festive themed, hopefully to help you pull off any holiday hosting and dressing you need to do in the coming weeks!  Super excited about these ones, I truly put my heart into them and I can’t wait to share with you.

Hope you girls had a wonderful weekend–we got snow yesterday!  I’m so excited to finish up these next two weeks of work and then have a little bit of time off to just enjoy being home and celebrating the season.

Also, ICYMI, Vlogmas Day 4 went live yesterday and I’ll be sharing Day 5 later today on the blog!

See you tomorrow! xo




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