Happy December!  I’m so excited that the official month of the holidays is here–I absolutely love Christmas and am pumped for all the festivities this month, including Marco’s birthday, a fun xmas brunch we are hosting, tree decorating and celebrating our first Christmas in our new home!  Plus so much more.

How was your weekend?  Things around here were busy and Friday kicked off the first day of Vlogmas!  If you’re not sure what Vlogmas is, it’s a YouTube thang of filming daily vlogs every day in the month of December.  Now, I’ve done Vlogmas three times but had to miss last year because I fell so ill, so I’m stoked to be filming everyday up until Christmas.  At the same time, it’s a tad stressful thinking of filming and editing every. single. day. because um, there’s a ton of other stuff to do.  But!  I’m more excited than stressed and already have the first two days up which I’m sharing below.


On Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head down to New York state–about a 40 minute drive.  Sometimes when I can’t get things shipped to Canada or it’s cheaper to get it shipped to the USA, I’ll do that, and this was the case for winter tires.  So, off we went on a little road trip and made our way back to Ottawa around noon.

We spent the afternoon relaxing before heading out to my parent’s place for our annual tree decorating tradition.  We also hit up the Parade of Lights that was happening that evening and my nephews went crazy when they saw Santa–it was so much fun.  Once we got back, we decorated the tree and had some drinks + far too many Christmas baking that my Mom had whipped up the week earlier #myweakness

We also decided that the way we decorated our previous Christmas tree isn’t going to cut it for our new tree we purchased this year.  We’ve got tall ceilings in our living room, so we splurged on a 12 foot Christmas tree this year.  Previously, our tree was 7 feet, so our mish mash collection of colourful, random ornaments filled the tree and it was really fun and bright (you can see a picture of our tree from last year here).  On the new tree?  Not so much.

That said, we’ve come up with a colour scheme for this year and the new tree, and we’re going to go the route of a more coordinated/styled tree.  I’ve always loved trees like that, but also loved the comfort of a tree with handmade ornaments and special tokens from over the years.  So, I undecorated the whole tree (I know, kind of crazy), gathered up all the ornaments we already had that will fit the new colour scheme, and corralled them together (above) to use once we get the rest of the decorations together.  I’m on the hunt for some large ribbon and planning to make a cool tree topper–I’ll keep you posted on that one, haha!

I know this Weekend Recap is pretty minimal, compared to normal, but between filming all weekend long, spending time with family and cooking and cleaning, I didn’t take a ton of photos + it’s hard to do it all!  I guess multitasking isn’t my strongest suit, but hope you girls had a great weekend yourselves and if you’re interested in following along daily for the month of December, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here. xo






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