Hey girls!  How was your weekend?

Friday night was our annual girls’ Christmas party, and the friend that hosts is truly the hostess with the mostess!  From an amazing spread on top of what everyone brings, flowing drinks, games with prizes and more, it’s always such a treat to have this annual party.

This year’s theme was glitter/sparkly/shine–basically, don your most shimmering outfit and contend for the top prize.

In natural A.Co fashion, I went the sequins route and paired items I already had in my closet; a sequin top and sequin mini skirt.  I did however just snag this awesome metallic puffer coat so threw that on top for fun (and yes, Marco immediately called me an Astronaut).


Saturday was spent inside, cleaning, and just getting the house in order.  It feels like a tornado hits during the week and hen the weekend comes, I finally have the chance (or, I should probably say, make the time) to clean up and get things back to tidy.

Around 7pm, we decided to go out and grab a bite to eat before grabbing a few groceries.  We hit up Sensothai which is an amazing (and cheap) ramen place downtown.  A friend turned me onto the spot and I’ve been craving it ever since going in the summer.  We had to wait a solid 25 minutes in the tiny space between the double doors, but it was totally worth it!

Also, as an aside, I purchased the boots I’m wearing two years ago and hadn’t worn them.  Basically when I ordered them online, they looked like a dark, chocolate bronzy brown, and so when they came in and were charcoal grey, I was kinda disappointed.  After dealing with SM over email, they refused to let me return them as I think I ordered them during a Cyber Monday sale; despite the boots then going back up to full price.  Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling them back then but boy am I glad to have them now!  We just got a massive dump of snow, and the boots I wore last year are starting to let water in and lose their grip on the bottom so I’m excited to have a brand new pair of boots that are kinda heavy duty + have fur on the inside for warmth!  I couldn’t find the exact ones, but these ones are similar (and I even prefer the black).

And finally, on Sunday we hosted 14 of our friends for a Christmas Brunch!  We did coffee, mimosas, Ceasars, chicken & waffles, smoked salmon eggs Benedict and hash browns.  It was so good and Marco truly made magic happen in the kitchen!

For the past several years, we have had a Secret Santa evening party with friends, and after planning it this year, it fell through when Marco had to travel so we pushed it and made it a brunch instead since weekend evenings are so hard for everyone this time of year #seasonofbusy

It was a great time, lots of laughter, a little chaotic timing all the food and such, but overall a wonderful afternoon to celebrate with friends before Christmas.  I wasn’t able to snap a ton of photos, unfortunately, just busy running around and such, but I got a little bit of footage and will be sharing that on Vlogmas Day 15.

Hope you girls had a great weekend! xo


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