Alright ladies, today’s post is a little different from the normal outfits, because I’m talking about prepping for a party.  Tis the season of having friends and family over, which always means getting the house tidy in advance.

We have hosted a ton over the last four years and I truly believe that each time gets a little easier, as with anything, practice definitely pays off.  Now that said, that doesn’t mean there is less to do–it’s always a very busy household when we are in full party-prep mode but I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks that carry me with every event we host.

First stop: the bathroom!

If there is one thing you’re going to clean (aside from floors and kitchen counters), let it be your powder room.  This is the one place guests will spend the most solo time during the entire party… and see every nook and cranny if they’re in there for a while!

Aside from an overall cleaning of the toilet, sink, counters and mirrors, here are five tips to make the space more inviting:

(1)  Hang a fresh towel.  I picked up that Turkish towel a couple years ago and always wash it right before a party.  It looks beautiful, plus it’s over-sized so your guests won’t be drying their hands on a wet towel.

(2)  Fill the soap dispenser.  #duh  …I totally spaced on this one a month ago, so reminder to myself: pick it up and ensure it’s actually filled.

(3)  Empty the garbage & stock up on the toilet paper.  I like to keep a few rolls out on the dispenser, but try to keep the drawer (or cupboard) stocked so that guests aren’t scrambling or texting someone from the bathroom!

(4)  Light a candle.  It sets the mood, provides ambiance and even better if it’s scented.  I like small jar candles that can sit out of the way, and don’t overpower the room (mine is from Home Sense).

(5)  Keep a plunger on hand.  No photos of this required, but probably the most important tool to keep in the bathroom because what’s more embarrassing than having to ask for one?! 😉


Photography by Lisa Provençal.





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