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Hi ladies!  Apologies for the radio silence yesterday, I came down with something and wasn’t feeling great so took the day to recover.

That said, the weekend was fun so let’s jump into some snaps, if you’d like to see…


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A wild & crazy Friday night:  Lonestar & Costco.  Haha.

I texted Marco on my way home and said I really didn’t feel like cooking–after a week of making meals, I just wanted to go out and not think about meal planning (and the clean up afterwards! #amiright).  We decided on fajitas and margaritas were the perfect idea to kick off the weekend, and headed out for dinner.

Afterwards, we hit up Costco for a few things for the Superbowl party we were hosting, and made our way back home.

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Pre and post-workout breakfasts!  I always make these healthy pancakes on the weekend before we head to the gym, and then we usually mow down on some country style breakfast afterwards, once a weekend.

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I’ll have a full outfit post coming soon with the leopard coat look above (mine is old but I’m in love with this one–which is now on sale!).

And finally on Sunday, we hosted a bunch of a friends for Superbowl and we were an extremely sad household when the Pats lost!  None the less, we had some killer food–philly cheese steak sandwiches, home-made wings, chips and guac, home-made olive-chickpea hummus, an authentic Greek salad, charcuterie plate, fruit, veggies & dip, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, meatballs, baked goods and much more.  We had such a great selection that everyone contributed to, it was hard to stay away from the spread!

Hope you girls had a great weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow with a new outfit post! xo




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