You guys, we set a date!!!

Since getting engaged back in October 2016, we have been totally on and off about planning our wedding.  Essentially enjoying our engagement, and planning also took a backseat to our new home which we found at this time last year (and moved in during May of last year).  To say we’ve been a little pre-occupied (in life and expenses 😉 ) is a bit of an understatement.  However, we have continually kept the conversation flowing about planning a wedding at some point.

We’ve looked and considered a bunch of venues, and for a really long time, well, essentially the entire time of our engagement, we wanted to get married in Italy.  We love it, have been twice, and feel a strong connection to Florence and Tuscany.  We also got engaged there (more on this later) and so really had our hearts set on this.

However, we also knew that it would be really difficult to get the people there that we wanted there.  Eloping isn’t an option.  And I feel like we would be sad not seeing many of our favourite people on our big day.  So while we kept the dream of marrying in Italy in our hearts, when our friends suggested a spot that kind of looks like Italy but here in Ottawa, we decided to set up an appointment to go see it.

And we loved it!

We spent a solid hour and a half touring the premise, discussing all the options with the Coordinator, and left feeling excited.  We slept on it for a few nights and put down our deposit last week.  We are getting married on October 28th, 2018!

We ideally wanted to get married on a Saturday, and when I had connected with the venue to set up a viewing, they had two Fridays and two Sundays left.  Friday, we agreed, would be our second choice, so Friday it would be.  Fast forward three weeks later to appointment day, and the Venue Coordinator informed us that two dates in October remained:  a Thursday and Sunday the 28th.  So if you’re wondering why we chose a Sunday, we didn’t, Sunday chose us.  😉

So we are now full speed ahead planning for our wedding in seven months–eek!  So far I’ve narrowed down a colour scheme, our guest list (ish), a general idea of theme and are working on designing the invites.  I can already tell Marco is going to be a very involved Groom, haha, and we are working on meshing all our ideas together!

I’m definitely going to be documenting the entire process and sharing with you all the details as we plan the big day!  I feel excited and happy that we are finally planning, despite feeling like it would be too much to plan.  That isn’t to say it doesn’t feel overwhelming at times–it already does at times–but we are really looking forward to it!

So!  Per usual, thanks for hanging out and reading, and of course coming along on another journey.  You girls know this isn’t turning into a full fledged wedding blog, c’mon now, you know me.  We’re still going to be all about the outfits, weekends, shopping and travel with some additional fun wedding posts sprinkled in.  Hope you all have a great weekend! xo


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