I’m so excited to finally be sharing this post with you girls, which is a bit of a mish-mash of us packing, getting the keys, bringing things over, getting furniture deliveries and our actual moving day.

I shared the news about us buying a house here, and between having our offer approved and actually getting the keys was about two months, so you can imagine our excitement was just on a level 10!

We met our builder and his wife at the house and they had flowers and champagne waiting for us to commemorate the day!  So sweet!  We excitedly toured the house and chatted with them before they left.  We popped the champagne and quickly downed the take-out I brought with us.  My parents came by, to see the finished house and it was just an amazing, amazing evening taking it all in!  Then we went back to the condo as we weren’t moving for four more days and there was still plenty of packing and organizing to do.


Saturday brought the delivery of our new dining room chairs!  So excited for these babies.  The table we purchased was delivered to our condo a few weeks earlier so that was moved on the actual move day and it looks so great!  Super excited to have space to host multiple people and for all the holidays we will celebrate here!

Later on, my bestie stopped by to see the house for the first time.  She brought over the sweetest gift basket she made up with the contents below and more.  We toasted to the house with the other bottle of rosé (not pictured because, ahem, empty!) and chatted excitedly about decor plans and what to do in various spaces (she’s got that decor gene I’m missing ;).


The next day we moved a bunch of stuff from my parent’s basement with the help of them and my brother-in-law and sister.  It was a lot of heavy lifting and nothing exciting to really share in photos, ha.

Later on, Marco and I grabbed dinner at Lonestar, then it was back to the condo to continue packing.  We made a couple more trips back to the house, bringing various items we didn’t want the movers to move and obviously we are just so excited to walk into the house now that it’s ours!



Our condo, the night before the move.

I think we were up until almost 2am finalizing our packing and getting our stuff together.  Moving is no joke, it totally sucks, and even if you hire movers (we did), it’s still a ton of work, stressful and puts everyone on edge!  #realtalk

We used Parkview Movers, and they were amazing.  If you’re in Ottawa, I’d highly recommend.  There were three guys and they were so attentive with our stuff, friendly and kept the mood light.  I couldn’t believe the patience between them and how they never seemed or expressed any frustration in general or with each other–just jokes all around!  So amazing.

Additionally, as part of our move, they brought wardrobe boxes, which were a huge help–I was able to leave all hanging items on their hangers and just transfer from my closet, into the wardrobe box (pic below), making it also super easy to unload into the closet at the new house.

Selfie in the empty condo below!

Our first official meal in the new house after the move: Vietnamese take out, of course!

My parents came and met us at the house to help with the unloading and directing where to put what, and my Mom brought over a veggie platter, fruit platter, coffees, etc. for everyone, which was so awesome and needed.  It took about 7 hours for the move in total, so we were totally whipped by dinner time.  After my parents left, we went back to the condo to get Eve and bring her to the new spot.  We grabbed food on the way back, and we were off.

Eve has been having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the new space, like I mentioned, but we are trying to make her as comfortable as possible.  At first we brought her in and let her explore a little, with lots of reassurance and cuddles, but I think if we were to do it again (sidenote: never. moving. again), we wouldn’t let her roam the house free, and simply keep her in the confines of our bedroom & bathroom immediately.  Friends and articles have been saying keeping your cat in a confined space, with familiar items and smells, is the best way to introduce them to a new home.  Also, you must keep the door shut, in order for them to feel safe.  We started doing this two days in, because we noticed she was starting to spray, aka she’s seriously stressed out.

That said, since keeping her in our room, and giving her tons of attention every time we ‘visit’ her, she’s making waves and really starting to calm down.  It’s been less than a week and I can already see her stress levels lowering, which is such a relief.  When we opened the bedroom door last night, she made a beeline out into the hallway!  Five days ago, she would be hiding when we opened the door, so this is mega progress.  I can see she wants to explore a little, with us by her side, and I really hope we can continue to ease her mind.

My future office!

…I can’t find any of my pants, but I have a room, ha.

I had totally planned to unpack boxes on the weekend but after doing way more fun stuff, I ran out of time.  One of my girl friends is coming over on Thursday though, to help me set up my office–which will be wonderful.  Very excited to get my computer out, set up the desk and find some pants!

Our first breakfast!

Tons of firsts happening over here, which is so fun and makes everything feel special.

I took the next day off from work, just to unpack and get settled.  One day is surely not enough, but I did manage to get the entire kitchen unpacked and head out and grab a bunch of groceries to meal plan.  The kitchen here is a great size, and coming from our tiny condo kitchen, it feels uber luxurious!   Before, leaving a few dirty dishes out felt like a huge mess, now, not so much–ha!

Needless to say, one day off of work was not enough, so there are tons of boxes still upstairs and in the basement that I need to get to, but trying to tell myself one day at a time.


 Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and messages, it means so much and I love that you girls want to see pictures of the place.  We are trying to get our family and friends in to show them in person before sharing too much online, but I had to share these snaps with you!

Hope you’re all having a great Tuesday & I’ll see you tomorrow!

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