This past weekend we headed up to Mont. Tremblant on Saturday morning in search of snow to get in our first and last ski day of the season.  Short story?  Success!  Long story?  Let’s jump in…

This year we haven’t been skiing at all, unlike the past four years where we were going every couple weeks, and every weekend last year before we went to Whistler.  This year it’s been insanely cold and when it’s not -30C or worse, it’s rained and turned the snow to ice.  Technically not ideal conditions for riding and it wasn’t hard to convince me to stay home.

That said, we bought day passes back in December for Tremblant and time was running out on when to use them so we decided to make a weekend of it and head up north.


After a full day of skiing, we relaxed in the hotel for a bit before wandering out to find dinner–love that it’s still so bright out post 6pm!

Also, it should be noted that there was plenty of snow on the hills and it even started to snow while we were there–thick, heavy flakes, it was gorgeous and while I wouldn’t be as thrilled if it had been snowing at home, we were about a two hour drive north which made a huge difference in getting it there.

We went out to La Pizzateria and indulged in steaming hot spaghetti and gooey pizza–it’s was pure heavy!  We were so body tired and hungry, it was such an enjoyable meal.  We went back to the hotel and both crashed at 10pm!


The next morning we were up early, packed up and hit the road.  We stopped at l’Arome, an amazing breakfast cafe in Tremblant (not in the ski resort village) that we had been to years ago and were again in heaven over the food.  This spot is definitely in our top three breakfast spots and shouldn’t be missed if you’re taking a trip to Tremblant.  The food is delicious, the service is excellent and the prices are great too.  They make their own peach-mango jam that is to die for, we even bought a jar to bring home.  So good!

The pic above was at the mall later in the day, we stopped in on our way home.  I tried on a pair of Levi’s jeans but they didn’t look great so it was a pass.  Then it was home to work all afternoon on my newest haul video.

Hope you girls had a great weekend!


Annnnnd finally, a fun little clip Marco captured on our last run that I shared on Instastories on Saturday:



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