Ladies, there’s a huge sale that has kicked off today on and I totally had an outfit planned to go live but wanted to round up my top picks for the sale since it’s only three days, and tomorrow I’ll  be back with some spring style for you.  So instead of making you spend a minimum amount (which isn’t hard on this site, but still), this time they’re giving us 25% off when you spend over $500, and 20% off anything under $500; .  If you have any girlfriends that are shopping the sale, I’d highly suggest pooling your purchases to get that additional percentage off if you can!

Sidenote, (under $90) totally reminded me of my top in the above pic.

I’ve been waiting so patiently for this sale to come around because there are so many things I’ve had my eye on and have just been sleeping on.  I’ve been lusting after and thinking they would be so good for the wedding–or events leading up to it–what do you think?  Let’s jump in!


Lots of great new items have been added to the site–and the best part is they are part of the sale!  Totally loving the various colours that are popping up for Baker Boy hats; loving for spring.  If you’re looking for a nice, leather wrap belt, is so similar to the one I wore in this post.  Also, are part of the sale.


UNDER $100

My fave is part of the sale (also makes a great gift) and love with a high-waist denim skirt.



We have two weddings to go to next month, which I’m so excited for.  We haven’t had many weddings in the past few years, so it feels like a bunch of our friends are starting to tie the knot.  Love any opportunity to grab a little something new and I’m loving that so many of this year’s styles are loose and flowy (hello midnight buffet!).  That said, I know a snug fitting dress always looks so great too so had to include I’m still lusting after.



And what kind of post would this be without a little shoe love *swoon*  Like I mentioned above, I’m totally on the hunt for and trying to figure out exactly how to fit it all in the budget.  There is something about I’m loving so much & if you’re looking to be on trend, you can’t go wrong with and this year!

 shopbop event 18 sale picks, life with aco, red peplum top, girl in white denim jacket

So many good pieces to peruse!

My entire outfit above is part of the sale: is available in black and white (finally!).  If you’re on the hunt for a good white denim jacket, jump on .  And finally, are part of the sale too.

Hope you girls are having a great week, see you tomorrow!




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