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One thing I don’t talk about much on the blog but have a mad love for is coffee!  My day, like many people, could not start without that dose of happiness–and making it on the weekends is one of my favourite routines.

For Christmas, I got Marco a Nespresso Creatista and we have both enjoyed using it frequently for ourselves and when we host guests (we also still have our Keurig; which we love!).  There are lots of different Nespresso machines to choose from–ours has the built in milk frother which is totally fancy and not necessary, but I will say we love it.

Pro tip:  watch for sales.  Nespresso often goes on sale, especially around holidays, so bookmark your fave & keep checking back.  They are definitely an investment, but if you’re a coffee fanatic, you will not regret it.

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The only ‘qualm’ with Nespresso is you have to buy their pods in their store or online.  We don’t have a store near us, so when I do get there, I stock up.

Alternatively, you can find all the flavours under the sun online.  My bestie surprised Marco with this variety pack for Christmas, knowing I was giving him the machine, which was the perfect way to get an idea of what we liked.

Also, since the pods come in long, rectangular cardboard packs, I grabbed this fishbowl vase to use as a holding tank.  Since the pods are colour coded, we typically know which ones are which and don’t need the packaging (plus this is way neater looking in the cupboard).


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I’m definitely a night owl and love to sleep in, but lately I’ve been waking up earlier on weekends and I love to take advantage of that quiet time if Marco is still asleep.  I’ll head downstairs, make myself a latte or cappuccino, and sit at the kitchen island or on the couch and watch YouTube or scroll through Instagram.  It takes me a solid hour to really wake up and be ready to interact with other humans, lol, so this quiet time is extra nice.  When the weather is nice, I’ll take my coffee out on the back deck with some pancakes and enjoy the sunshine.

Hope you girls are having a great weekend.  See you tomorrow for the weekend recap!





Photography by Lisa Provençal.


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