As promised, I’m sharing all the details about the dress I wore for my bachelorette in Montreal two weekends ago.

Nine of us headed out of town to celebrate and spent a night in Montreal.  The girls had several surprises up their sleeves and it was a really fun trip being surrounded with some of my closest friends.  That said, I knew I wanted to purchase a special dress for the occasion and began shopping back in July.  I ended up purchasing this dress, which also comes in black, and am so pleased with how it worked out!

Party in the back!

I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage the bra situation–or lack thereof–but ended up purchasing this full cup sticky bra and it was amazing!  I danced (and sweat) all night long and it stayed put.  The cups are moulded with padding so they give you a nice shape, like a normal push up would, and then the wings are super sticky as well.  I went with my normal size and it was perfect fit.  I did try a size down just in case but it truly is a case of go with your usual bra size.

The sides of the dress is cut quite high, and without a bra, there was definitely potential to fall out of it.  I even tried it with the pasties I have, but needed a bra to make it work and look best.

At the end of the night, simply peel the bra off, run all the sticky parts under warm water (and light soap, if you’d like), but don’t rub roughly or you could risk removing sticky parts.  Let it air dry for a couple days and then replace the plastic cup and wing ‘covers’ it comes with, so it’s ready to wear next time.  I would 100% recommend this bra!  So pleased I came across it as I was initially thinking I might need it for my wedding dress, but we ended up sewing cups into that instead.


This dress was so comfortable to wear and I felt so good all night long.  I will say, the double-sided tape didn’t work very well.  Not sure if it was the fabric or the dress is just so open in so many areas that any movement makes it shift, but yeah. We taped the sides down along my ribcage and one movement and the tape would release.  Fortunately, without it, I was still covered, but it was more for ensure my bra stayed hidden, etc.  I did noticed that the clear, sticky wings on the bra were virtually invisible when wearing, so even if it happened to peek out, no one would have noticed.

A couple more notes on the dress:  it’s fully lined with a nude, stretchy fabric that is connected but not pulling with the dress.  There is a tie in the back at the nape of the neck, and there is a band that snaps around the waist,  I ordered a large and had to get it slightly taken in, and then added a couple snaps to the band to make it more snug.  The sleeves are nice and long and the detail work on the dress is really gorgeous.  My girl friends gave me the royal treatment when they saw me and made me feel really great.  Lastly, there is no structure to the dress at all–it doesn’t suck you in, nor does it really smooth anything out, but the lace is forgiving and the quality is definitely there which just makes it all around a gorgeous piece.  I’m super happy with the purchase and hope I can wear it again sometime, post wedding.

For the party, we went to dinner then hit up an EDM night club to dance all night long–exactly what I was hoping we could do!  We literally did not stop dancing for almost four hours, it was awesome.

We snapped this pictures in the gorgeous bathroom at Bord’Elle Boutique Bar & Eatery, the amazing spot we went to for dinner.  I had hoped we could get some pictures before we left the VRBO, but it was so rushed and Ubers were arriving and everyone was running out the door in a mad dash!  Of course, despite giving ourselves time to get ready, we’re always down to the wire–haha.  The same thing happened for my bachelorette dress I wore last weekend in Ottawa.  I did have my girl friend snap a few pics that night of me on my own so I’ll share that in a separate post as well, for fun.

Hope you girls are having a great evening! xo



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