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We took a little trip to the pumpkin patch because what is October and being a Blogger without it? 😉

There is a fabulous spot here in Ottawa called Abby Hill, and throughout the summer months, they are a fantastic fruit and veggie stand (love the corn come August!).  However, come mid September, thousands of pumpkins are brought over from their farm, there are tons of kids activities on the weekends (bouncy castle, petting zoo, ducks, pony rides, slides and more) and of course plenty of photo opps.

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I la la love the look of a longer wool coat with a low cut sneaker and since getting these shoes, I barely taken them off my feet when the weekend rolls around.  We went out to dinner and I couldn’t help but reach for them because comfort has become such a priority these days.  I also tend to wear heels Monday through Friday at the office so I love breaking out my casual pieces come the weekend.  Also, you don’t need pricey sneakers for this look, it would look great with a pair of Stan Smiths, Converse (would love a black pair), Pumas (the comfiest!!) or Vans.

Back to the outfit, the key to wearing a ‘dressier’ coat with sneakers is to typically go for a boxier fit (love this!) versus something fitted and formal–if it has a belt, wear the coat open & undone.  A skinny jean or legging looks the best, and I personally prefer the look with a low top sneaker (versus high top), in any colour.  Keep the rest of the look super simple–the oversized scarf isn’t mandatory, but adds an element of interest as an additional layer (and warmth 😉 ).

Hope you girls are having a wonderful weekend, we’ve been working on the yard today, prior to going out.  My parents helped us soooo much as they spent the entire day here yesterday weeding our gardens, whipper snipping, mowing the lawn–I cried when I came home and saw the amount of work they put into it. It might seem silly but the yard has just been such a heavy stress on us this year with working (myself and switching jobs), Marco’s travel schedule, planning the wedding, trying to maintain some sort of sanity by having a social life, and then regular cleaning/laundry/all the things inside of the house on the everyday.  Don’t get me wrong, we love our place, but the ground my parents covered yesterday, literally, was just something that we couldn’t make a priority and now everything looks so clean and how it should–just in time for the wedding and house guests and our rehearsal next weekend, and more.  It’s a relief and just incredibly helpful.  I know, I’m totally rambling but just a little piece of what’s happening around these parts!

I’m planning one more wedding update (and haven’t forgotten I owe you a jacket post!) in the coming days.  We are so close and while there is still several things to do, the list is getting shorter!  Will come back and chat more about that later.  Have a great night!




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