Happy Christmas Eve!  I know today is a busy day for everyone, but wanted to hop on and share the Weekend Snaps in case you have some down time or just need to zone out for a minute.

It was a busy weekend for us, with lots of holiday festivities, so let’s jump in!



I wasn’t sure what the dress code was, so I went casual festive with dark denim and a sequin top.  My top is around six years old, but this one is very similar and I wanted to buy it!  I like to get one sequin piece each year to a small. growing collection.  They are always in style this time of year and great to throw on in a pinch.  Since we were allowed to wear indoor shoots, I paired the outfit with my new white ankle boots (prior to having worn them outside).

On Friday night we went to a friend’s party and had the best time!  There was amazing music, food and tons of people.

We danced and hung out and I let myself forget about all the gifts that still need wrapping 😉

On Saturday, we hosted both our families for an early Christmas lunch!  It was so great to have Marco’s family come in from out of town and have my side there too.  We were 15 and then did our gift exchange with Marco’s side.

Once everyone left, we totally crashed and left the mess for morning.


Sunday was an easy but enjoyable day.  A little cleaning, breakfast out, and a whole lot of gift wrapping.  I caught up on some YouTube while wrapping and Marco made us amazing beef dip sandwiches for dinner.

Later, we went to visit our friends who just had a baby–so sweet!

Today we are off to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and so excited for Christmas morning with our nephews tomorrow!  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve! xo




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