reveal algenist foundation with spf 15 review

I mentioned on Stories yesterday during my morning walk that I was going to share a couple beauty products I’m currently loving and I figured I’d put them into a blog post to make it easier for everyone to find them and speak a little more descriptively about them.


First let me start off by saying I’ve always been a drugstore foundation kind of girl, but recently wanting to change that because I want something without parabens.  I’ve eliminated parabens from all other products I use (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, lotions, skincare, etc.) but make-up has been the hardest.  If you read my Skincare I’m Currently Loving post last summer, you know I’m a huge fan of this brand and even wore their day cream on my wedding day.  Their line is incredible and I recently picked up a few products (still testing before I talk about them) and this foundation was one of them.

I wasn’t sure if this was a true foundation or something for layering under a thicker foundation, as it’s kind of runny.  However, after trying it just one time, I was sold.  Now I’ve been using it for a couple weeks and can say I’m truly sold after seeing how it wears and using it on a daily basis.  Now I really want to try the concealer!

Like I mentioned, the formula is runny and the applicator is an eye dropper.  The coverage is fantastic and totally build-able.  They suggest starting with four drops and going from there.  With four drops, it gives a light coverage, that you can spread out and imitates a BB cream; this is great for ‘no-makeup days’ or if you want a little something when heading to the gym (ie. my weekend face).  However, during the week, I’ve been using eight drops for a medium-full coverage foundation and love it.   This product gives such a flawless finish and stays all day.  Unlike my usual foundation (L’Oreal Lumi), it doesn’t start breaking up/melting in patchy areas, it stays smooth and almost dewy even (and I’m very dry).  That said, this would also make a great base for a thicker foundation if you wanted to layer, however I do feel that the more drops you use, the more coverage you get.

As for the application, I will do three drops on my forehead, two on each cheek and one on my chin.  I’ll smear the drops with  my fingers then go in with a damp Beauty Blender and blend it.  There are no parabens and it has an SPF (which is an added bonus to the SPF I will wear on a daily base underneath anyway), and it’s mostly unscented.  I’m so so so happy I found this and can see myself using it for a long time (plus it will be so great and lightweight in the summer!).  I went with the colour light/medium which is great for when I have a bit of a tan.


the ordinary rose hip seed oil


Moving into skincare, I have been obsessed with this rose hip oil for over a year, and am on my second bottle.  It’s 100% organic, cold pressed and of course without any additives nor parabens.  Rose hip oil is full of antioxidants and vitamins to help fine lines and discolouration.  It can reduce scarring, redness and is great for dry spots.  I use this on my face, neck and decolletage nightly and also enjoy using it as my ‘eye cream’ when I’m out of my usual suspect.

One of the best things about rose hip oil is that it’s relatively inexpensive–making it an amazing and attainable product to incorporate into your skincare routine no matter your budget.  My girl friend turned me onto The Ordinary. brand and I am loving them!  I also picked up a face SPF (mineral based; quite heavy but will be great for vacation) and love that their products are all natural.  Bonus, they are now being sold again at Sephora making them even easier to access.

As for results, I find my skin is hydrated and smoothed when I’m consistently using my rose hip oil.  I also think a lot of us tend to neglect our neck and chest which are prominent places to show signs of aging so I like to slather this on there regardless of what else I’m using on face.




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