Hello hello! We are currently sitting on a plane delayed so I thought I would get this post up before we get into the air.

We are finally starting to decorate our home, piece by piece, and we’ve added a few new items recently so I thought I’d share. When we first moved in we purchased a dining room table + 10 chairs, a rug for our living room, accent chairs, a guest bed and night tables, some art and a bunch of smaller stuff that doesn’t even seem to make a dent but you need (ie. soap dispensers, toilet paper holders, blinds, bath mats, outfitting Marco’s office, etc.).

Now we are moving into things we’ve been looking forward to buying like stools, accent tables, a new couch, art, a coffee table, setting up the master bedroom etc.

It’s a slow process and while I’m yearning for a more ‘finished’ look, I also don’t want to rush into buying pieces we don’t truly love and want. We have been essentially slow playing it so that we are buying and investing into things we absolutely love, versus items to just fill a space/play place holder.

With that, here are just a few things we’ve recently added into the mix!


We purchased the sherpa chairs prior to moving in and I am obsessed with them. We currently have them in our living room and they are actually really comfortable and wide–people always gravitate towards them!

The new piece, though, is the gold cage-marble top table in between them. I had seen this table multiple times and really liked it, so finally one night while shopping with Marco (who gave his approval; he’s really into home decor and we don’t always see eye to eye), pulled the trigger. There are so many similar options online too, so I’ve linked them below in the widget. Bonus: I find myself sitting on these chairs even more now that I have somewhere to put my glass 😉


This rug is gorgeous and thick, and I absolutely fell in love with the charcoal colour. I purchased it for our mudroom, which ended up being a total fail because there is no rubber backing and all the grit went through it. Additionally, because it’s so thick, walking on it with shoes felt a little wobbly, so it was back to the drawing board.

That said, I still really love it so plan to give it a good cleaning and then use it as a runner in our kitchen or somewhere else in the house. The price for the quality and look is excellent.


And here is the mudroom rug (runner) replacement! After searching long and hard and being determined to not spend $100+ like the last time, I found this really simple runner and it’s perfect for the space!

It’s like any indoor/outdoor mat with a rubber backing and you can cut it to size if it’s a little too long (eight feet was perfect for the space we needed). The fabric is not bulky so it feels sturdy and go when you walk inside with your boots on, and nothing is leaking through to the floor below. Bonus, you cannot beat the price.

We got the charcoal colour, but it also comes in black and chocolate brown.


I wanted to share this stunning piece of art I found but sadly cannot find anything like it online (I’m sorry!). I scored this at Home Sense recently, so scour your stores if you like it and you may come across it.

That said, it looks like this company & this company make acrylic boxes if you had something in mind that you did want to frame. No idea how much something like that would cost, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled if I do come across something like this online.

I also really like this piece of art–which doesn’t have an acrylic box but the colour palette is similar (light, grey, airy, contemporary) and it’s like a few other pieces we have in our home.

The stools in the background are getting replaced soon (so excited!) but I do still love this style. We purchased eight of them when we moved in to use on our back deck for casual entertaining and four migrated indoors to the island, somehow 😉 They are actually a bar height and too high for the space but we still use them daily, and they are really well priced. Like I mentioned, we recently found new ones that I knew were “the ones” and are waiting for them to arrive, so will share when they come in.



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