Good morning! We are currently in Saint Lucia and arrived on Thursday–hence the radio silence since then 😉 unless you follow me on Instagram, then this is old news. I had hoped to get a couple posts up before the week ended but between a 12 hour travel day (with no Internet) and a pretty full itinerary since landing, I haven’t even pulled out my laptop!

Needless to say, happy to be here with you girls and hope you’re having a great weekend. Is the Daylight Savings hurting you? They don’t do it here in Saint Lucia and they are already an hour ahead of our time at home so there’s that.

Onto the outfit, I have a lot to say, so let’s jump in!


Today’s outfit is all about easy spring transition, and while I’m sitting here in the heat, and back home there is a ton of snow, I know many of you are already starting to get those warm fronts moving in (send my way, please!).

I shared these boots on Try-On Tuesday on Instastories a few weeks back and I’m so obsessed! I’ve been taking any opportunity I can to wear them because they are super comfy and actually stay up on the leg. This, to me, is the perfect outfit with the shifting seasons because it’s stylish, comfortable and can work for a multitude of activities.

I’m not much of a pastel person, and I know when a lot of people think of spring, it’s that. However, the true in between time is kind of chilly still, there might be snow but dry roads or maybe a little mucky. It’s not like you’re pulling out shorts just yet! So instead, a lightweight but still cozy sweater with some jeans and boots is perfect. Throw a leather or suede jacket on top and you’ll be warm and comfortable.

Okay, let’s the talk the bag!

I’ve shared a couple sneak peeks but am finally sharing my new Celine Micro Belt bag that I picked up while we were in Vegas last month! To say I’m excited, is an understatement because she is so gorgeous!

I have been on the hunt for a new bag for almost two years. I was looking for a black bag that’s larger than my Gucci, but still small enough to be a
cross-body style. When we were on our honeymoon in Bahamas, I tried on a few I’d be eyeing online, but wasn’t sold once I put them on. I kept looking but came home empty handed.

In Vegas, there are so many luxury stores, in every hotel, so instead of being shy, I just went and tried on every bag that spoke to me online or in store to get a feel (props to my husband for being so patient). I have a theory that if you’re lusting after an item, you should just try it on (and this especially goes for budget friendly items too) because there is often the possibility you may not even like it once it’s on. This has been so helpful for me in the past wherein I’ve been dying for something and finally do try it, and don’t love it the way I did. I think, ‘Why didn’t I just try this on sooner so I could either rule it out or save up?!

All that to say, as soon as I tried on the Micro Belt bag in Celine, I didn’t want to take it off. Even Marco was like, ‘Wow, that’s a beautiful bag‘–which, I mean, isn’t mandatory but still awesome. So I slept on it, and went back to the next day to get her. I’m going to do a full post about the experience (with photos from the day) and features of the bag once I’ve used it a little longer.

We are off to the resort spa this morning, hope you girls have a great day!


Photography by Lisa Provençal.


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