Last weekend marked our fourth annual crab boil–a dinner we host at our place with a bunch of friends every year, to kind of round out the summer.

This year, we were 14 and the menu included the usual dungenous crab, corn on the cob and Marco’s famous San Francisco garlic fries. We also did mussels in a white wine sauce to start where everyone crowded around our kitchen island and mowed down while standing.

I’d love to share a few photos, if you’d like to see…

Since a crab boil can get really messy, really fast, I always line the table with plenty of newspaper. While we didn’t do bibs this year (we’ve done it in the past, but they always rip so we’ve done away with them), we always do gloves because I find it encourages people to really get into their bag and crab and dig in.

Speaking of bags, we always serve the full crab in a large ziplock bag per person, this is a great way to keep the majority of the mess in the bag but also facilitates pulling it apart and getting to the meat.

I shared my top tips for hosting a crab boil last year here.

Afterwards, we did a little surprise birthday celebration for our friend and spent the rest of the night hanging out on the back deck and around the house.

You can see the first annual crab boil photos, in which I had our Photographer, Lisa, come and capture the evening.

Till next year!


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