I’m so excited to finally share the news with you girls, that I’m pregnant!

We shared it on Instagram first and I said I would follow up with more detail, so that is today, right here, right now.

Let’s jump in!

I am currently just over halfway there, and due at the end of the year! We found out in April, just after coming back from our trip to Cancun. We knew we wanted to have a baby/get pregnant this year and had kind of set our sights on it with a, ‘Let’s see what happens’ mentality.

If you’re new around here, Marco and I got married last October and have been together for almost seven years.

I totally hadn’t planned to wait this long to tell you all, but there were some really important people in our lives we were adamant about sharing the news with in person/through FaceTime/on the phone before announcing online. To be honest though, it was so hard not to share!

A lot of you girls noticed my absence from daily Stories on IG late-April and all of May, and I finally checked in here. However, I was so sick and nausous for almost three months, I could barely function as a human, let alone get online and pretend I was feeling great. I just wasn’t and I just had to get through it, quietly.

Marco’s “first Father’s Day”

I will share a full post about what the first three months were really like because I want to keep things positive here today (haha!). I’m mostly feeling good these days, aside from tired (which I hear is normal) and have so much to share!

It was so so so nice when I started feeling a little better and could connect with you girls again on Stories. I couldn’t do it everyday, but little by little, I felt like I was returning to what has become my new normal and to “see” you all again.

Our families are so excited, and so are our friends. It’s been really fun telling them and seeing their reactions–everyone is so supportive, which has been so crucial. We also have lots of people in our lives who are already parents which brings a lot of comfort to be surrounded by experts 😉

I’ve been documenting my journey a little, so will share some older photos and keep you updated moving forward. You girls have been so supportive through all the stages of my life, and some of you have even told me you’ve been following me since before Marco and I even met, and that’s just so mind blowing–thank you!

We are so excited (and nervous and all the emotions!!) for this next adventure in our lives and of course I’m bringing you girls with us. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!! xo


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