Good day! It was a long weekend here in Canada and it was such a good one so let’s jump in…

On Friday night we celebrated my girlfriend’s birthday party at a restaurant with a bunch of people.


On Saturday, I ran some errands and took a little trip over to Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, not much luck on that day but I do love that spot in general.

Funny story; when Marco came home and saw my outfit, he was like, ‘What… t-shirt are you wearing… is that… MY t-shirt?!’ Haha. Yes, why yes it is husband. I don’t really have anything this oversized (yet) in my closet and he barely wears this (although I think he should because it looks so good on him) so I’m making use of it!

I’m totally loving the biker short trend–but you need to pair it with something longer if you want that laid back look (versus athleisure look).

The next morning, we headed over to our friends’ new place they just bought and they did breakfast for us, which was so sweet. I tried these waffles for the first time and omg, they are amazing in the toaster oven!

Afterwards, it was back to our place where we met up with a bunch of friends and did a party-island river float that afternoon. It was a perfect day to be on the water with drinks, music and 10 friends.

We ended up having an impromptu dinner at our friend’s parent’s place (who live on the water/where we launched from) which was amazing. Sausages and local corn on the cob–first of the season!

Monday was a serious relax day with a quick trip down to the New York state to grab a few packages we had shipped there. On my way home I grabbed some corn on the cob to pair with dinner that night–a great ending to a great weekend.


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