Hello hello! Jumping on for a bumpdate post. We just hit the due date month–ahhh! It seems like it’s taken forever to get to December, and I’m excited for the baby’s arrival but also apprehensive about all the change that is to come.

At this point, I feel like I’m entering a zone and am starting to focus on that and what’s to come. I also am getting to the stage where I don’t want to leave my house nor do much at all. If there is a small burst of energy, I’ll take it, but otherwise, I’m ready to hibernate, I think (and it just turned real cold here too).

Let’s jump into the update…

How big is the baby?

Good question, let me check my app… a pineapple!

What’s the gender?

A boy!

You can see all the photos from our gender reveal party here. Video here.

How are you sleeping?

Okay–mostly up once in the night for the restroom and able to fall back asleep after. Some days I’m up at 4am or 5am and awake for several hours, then maybe able to nap a few hours later, thankfully.


Everyday and new this week is movement when I’m standing. Before it was strictly when I was lying down, and he’s still mostly active then, but it’s cool.


Clothing & Getting Dressed

I wore my favourite maternity jeans last week and they are so much tighter than they were even two weeks ago. I think I’m done with pants… mumu’s from here on out! 😛

Any stretch marks?

Not yet, still using this lotion and this rosehip oil.

What do you miss?

Moving around at a ‘normal’ pace (I’m so slow!). Getting up from sitting or laying down takes a minute now, and then the first few steps are pretty achey.

Cravings & Aversions

Haven’t been craving any new items, salty foods still mostly do it for me. I can’t seem to eat as much, stomach is definitely getting squished in there. My sweet tooth has mostly returned, but again in moderation or it makes me feel kind of sick.

Aversions–chicken hasn’t really appealed to me this entire time.


Braxton hicks have hit every now and again. Cramping in my lower abdomen that doubles me over. Loosening of my ligaments; pelvis and hips to be specific, sometimes I take a step and it feels like my pelvis needs a second to catch up–it’s so weird!

Extremely tired; just moving around the house takes it’s toll. If I do something physical (eg. clean the kitchen and cook a meal), I need to lay down for a couple hours to regain some energy. This pregnancy as a whole has been a huge learning curve in patience and just accepting the physical limits I never had before.


Depends on the day. Some days I feel happy, other days I feel down. The hormones are definitely all over the place, but have been this whole eight months.

Workout Routine

Non existent.

Belly Button in or out?

Flush, haha!

Worst moment this week?

I went to the store the other day, and after wandering for about 20 minutes, I had to find a chair and sit down for 25 minutes. This isn’t ‘the worse moment’ per say, but I physically had no energy to gather to get up and go without that break. Kind of comical! It just is what it is–again, a test to my patience.

Oh! One evening I forgot to take my nausea medication and paid for it the next day; spent the entire (weekend) day in bed feeling like crap :/

Favourite moment this week?

Meeting with our Doula, feeling her encouraging energy & learning so much. We have another and final meeting next weekend before baby comes and I’m really glad we found someone that feels like a great fit.

Also had an impromptu ultrasound last week which was amazing. I hadn’t had one since 20 weeks & typically that is the last one, so to see the size difference between him then and now, on screen, was so cool.

Looking forward to…

Giving birth early. Haha kidding–but if that’s what he wants to do, I’m down.




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