Such a basic title but really the truth! I often share Hendrix’s meals on IG Stories (I have a highlight dedicated to them–simple, nutritious & easy with a variety, is what I aim for) and one consistent question is, ‘What highchair is that?’ so I’m throwing that plus our fave meal time items into one post so it’s easy and all in once place.

Let’s jump in.



When we were looking for a high chair, I was really eyeing up the Stokke Tripp Trap, but the price is pretty steep. I just wanted something that was clean, streamlined but kind of modern at the same time. In hindsight, I’m really glad we didn’t spend a fortune because this thing gets covered in food everyday, multiple times a day!

At the beginning of eating solids, you can generally keep a highchair pretty clean, and food doesn’t get crammed into every nook and cranny. Once they start feeding themselves, it’s game over–so I love that the straps and the cushion on this one are removable (and wash up easily in the washing machine). Once he was feeding himself and sturdy to sit (around 7 months), we stopped using both. The tray has a piece that secures between their legs to keep them from sliding out, and is easily attached and removed with one hand.

One perk of this high chair is that it turns into a little table and chair for when baby gets older–but the table also serves as a footrest when assembled. I especially love the table underneath him because I often remove the tray and put it there while I’m getting him out of his seat.

Lastly, suction dinnerware works on the tray–I’ve had several friends say their suction plates/bowls don’t stay suctioned on the high chair they chose; I know this is the case with the Ikea Antilop & the Phil & Ted’s Poppy.



I love love love this dish, and can’t recommend it enough. The three sections are perfect for dividing up food. The silicone is food-grade, non-BPA, microwave and dishwasher safe (I always hand wash, personally). It washes up so well and doesn’t stain–trust me, we have put a lot of spaghetti sauce in that thing 😉 Before baby, I wondered if one plate would be enough, and honestly, it is. It’s one item I truly don’t feel I need a duplicate of because it washes and dries so easily. I know it might seem a little expensive, $20 on one plate, but we have used this thing three times a day for months and love it.

We also have the bowl, which I can’t recommend (doesn’t suction well for us) but the spoon it comes with, that you can’t seem to by alone, has been worth it’s weight in gold.



Before starting baby led weaning, it was easy to use little cotton bibs for meal time, but once they start feeding themselves, you’re going to need something a little more ‘heavy duty’ — haha. I was not sure if it would be worth spending just under $20 for this bib, but it was and has paid for itself over and over again! Highly recommend!

This is another item that we have just one of, but truly don’t think we need another. It washes and dries easily, doesn’t stain and seems really comfortable for him to wear. The silicone is also food-grade quality without BPA. The pocket sticks out and doesn’t collapse when wearing, meaning most of the food gets caught, and now that he’s older, he will even reach down and take food out of the pocket to eat! A win-win.

Also, I can’t remember where I found this little hack, but very useful-: put a command hook on the back of your chair to store the bib. Easy to grab yet tucked away when not using.

A couple more things…

This is the sippy cup we use for Hendrix, and it’s aight. It’s definitely not aesthetically pleasing, but it’s budget-friendly and gets the job done. It doesn’t spill terribly, can take a beating and I appreciate the easy grab handles on the sides. There is also an option to close up the straw, making it great for taking on the go.

One other thing we have loved for teething, especially now in the later months, is this silicone feeder with handle. You can stuff any fruit, veg or even frozen breastmilk into this, freeze it and then use as a healthy popsicle. The end is a malleable silicone with little holes, so baby can suck and chew away at it while getting some relief and nutrients.


Hope you girls found this post helpful! Please reach out if you have any questions. xo



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